Jake and Dana: Retirement Challenge

Jake and Dana: Retirement Challenge

Jake Paul and Dana White have been at it again, putting forward allegations, accusations and digging up skeletons from each other’s past while challenging each other to volunteer for drug tests or even retire.

What started out with accusations and allegations of drug use from both parties and Jake Paul taking shots at White for not paying UFC fighters enough, Jake Paul’s post on Twitter for the New Year entailed something more serious and substantial rather than just another allegation that Dana does cocaine. Response from Dana to the latter, however, was Dana challenging Jake to drug test Dana randomly for cocaine for the next decade but allow Dana to test him for steroid use for 2 years.

Jake Paul, took things further with this Twitter post for Dana:

Dana’s response:

“You never responded to the challenge,” White stated. “You publicly stated that I use cocaine. I do not. So I told you [that] you could randomly cocaine test me for the next 10 years. I believe that you’re a cheater and I believe that you use steroids, so I want to randomly steroid test you for the next two years. And that thing that you came out with today, nobody on Earth thinks that you really wrote that. You’re too stupid. And for those of you that don’t know — if you’ve ever watched one of his fights and you see the staredowns, the guy that’s standing in the middle with the warlock nose and the big wart on his face, apparently that’s his manager.

“That guy used to be an accountant for me. And let me say this, he no longer works for me and I think he’s a scumbag. But if you two think you can do it better than we do, [that] we’re doing the whole thing wrong and you’re treating fighters better than we do, knock yourself out. Go start your own business, it’s easy to do. Get the warlock on it. The warlock can get it started for you.

“What you and the warlock should be focused on is your business. You’re tanking. You can’t sell pay-per-views. You’re calling out Jorge Masvidal because he’s a pay-per-view superstar. Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor, Mike Tyson, these guys are all superstars. You’re not. You can’t sell pay-per-views. So you do whatever the hell you want to do. I’m ready to roll, buddy. I don’t use cocaine. Do you use steroids? Let’s do this, Jake.”

In reply to this, Jake posted this on his Instagram:

“Long story short, you address nothing that I said,” Paul said on Instagram. “I accepted your challenge. I said I would fight MMA. I said that I would retire from boxing and you avoided all of that sh*t. … It shows that you are in a corner. You’re a dog in a corner trying to fight to save his whole company and the embarrassment that I’ve put you through. Everybody sees it and what you can’t accept or love or appreciate is that I’m trying to change the sport forever and you are one of the most selfish, capitalistic motherf*ckers that I’ve ever seen and everybody else needs you, Dana. I’m the only person that doesn’t need you and I don’t give a f*ck about you but all these people, all your fighters, all of them, they can’t say sh*t ‘cause you’ll just bench them. You met your maker. I’m not gonna stop. Welcome to the show, ladies and gentlemen.”

“The bottom line, Dana, is that you won’t add health care for your fighters because you don’t give a f*ck about them and you’re too much of a greedy b*tch to pay your minimum fighter more than $12,000 for risking their lives,” he continued. “It’s what a janitor makes. You need to pay them $50,000, Dana. Stop avoiding my points.”

“You have been caught with cocaine and hookers every other week,” Paul said. “And you think that, like, with all the money that you have, like, ‘billionaire’ or some sh*t, that you would get some f*cking Botox ‘cause your forehead looks like a motherf*cking GPS Google Map. Like, all the lines in it and sh*t.

“And you say Masvidal is a pay-per-view superstar. Let’s go to his last Instagram post, 5,000 likes or 10,000 likes or some sh*t. Do you realize that my mom Pam gets more likes than your pay-per-view superstars?”

Jake challenged Masvidal to which Jorge responded, saying that Jake can’t afford me. Jake had recently offered a $5 million contract for one boxing match for the UFC fighter, after which things have begun heating up as Jake Paul continues to challenge the UFC and calling out the president of the federation to improve fight pay and provide better health benefits for its fighters.

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