Brandon Royval - The MMA Raw Dawg

Brandon Royval - The MMA Raw Dawg

1. Brandon Royval’s Details

Brandon Royval’s Details
Name Brandon Matthew Royval
Nickname Raw Dawg
Born Denver, Colorado, USA
Date of Birth August 16, 1992
Weight Division Flyweight
Last Weight-in Flyweight
(56.5Kg/ 124.5lbs)
Height 5’9’’
Pro MMA Record 15-7-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
Disclosed Career Earnings USD 224,000
Rank Black Belt
Last Fight December 16, 2023,
Head Coach Mario Correa
University N/A
Lineage N/A
Fighting out of Denver, USA
Team Association Factory X Muaythai
Instagram Logo

2. Brandon Royval’s Biography

Brandon Royval is an American elite BJJ black belt under Mario Correa and an exceptional MMA fighter. He is one of the top fighters in the UFC flyweight division. Royval has won multiple titles, such as Performance of the Night, Fight of the Night, and Legacy Fighting Alliance Flyweight Champion. In 2024, Royval was ranked 3rd in the UFC Flyweight rankings. He also instructs jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts in Factory X Muay Thai.

2.1. Brandon Royval’s Early Life

Brandon Royval was born on August 16, 1992, in Denver, Colorado, USA. He was born into a decent, respected family worshiping the Hispanic religion. His parents always cared for and supported him. Growing up, Royval learned how to defend himself against his older brother, Darian, who was known around the neighborhood for his fighting ability. His family was a boxing fan, and soon Royval fell in love with the sport. Royval decided to join jiu-jitsu. At 15, he was already training BJJ and Muay Thai under Mario Correa at the Factory X Muay Thai Academy. His skills and potential promoted him to BJJ black belt under Mario Correa.

2.2. Brandon Royval’s Amateur Fights

In 2011, at 18, he had his first amateur grappling fight. After an impressive first-round striking performance, Royval submitted his first opponent, Justin Hernandez, one minute into the second round at the Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz Competition. Within a minute and a half of the first round, his second opponent, Justin Ohara, succumbed via submission. He had a 5-0 record when his amateur career ended.

2.3. Brandon Royval’s MMA Career

Royval’s professional MMA career started in 2012 when he was 20 years old; he had his debut fight with Sammy Rind and won the match. After a successful beginning, Royval lost to an American fighter, Ben Vam Baur. After his fight with Ben, he said:

“After my loss to Ben, I realized I had to work on my wrestling. In my other fights, I secured a submission immediately after being taken down. I had the mentality that I would just box my opponent up until they wanted to take me down, then use my Jiujitsu to finish the fight. The next day, I was in the gym working on my takedown defense”.

Royval had his third fight with Joey Welch. He won the match with a triangle choke but got injured and had to go through a shoulder injury. In one of his interviews, he said:

“I was worried my fighting career would be over when the doctor told me that I needed surgery. The doctors told me if my shoulder didn’t heal properly, that would be it, no more fighting, my career would just end”.

In 2016, Royval returned in a fighting bout, showing the world that he is a warrior and will not compromise his boxing passion over anything. From 2016-2019, Royval competed against many top wrestlers in the Legacy Fighting Alliance Championships Series, maintaining a record of 8-3, winning the LFA title.

2.4. Brandon Royval Set Foot in UFC

After maintaining an exceptional fighting record, Royval debuted in UFC on May 30, 2020. In the second round, he won his first fight against Tim Elliott via arm triangle choke, winning the Fight of the Night title. In September 2020, Royval fought with Kai-Kara France, won via guillotine choke, and again secured the Fight of the Night title. In his interview, he said:

“I'm a constant overthinker. I overthink and overanalyze everything. But fighting has always been such a weird little blessing for me. It's the only thing that I've never just overthought completely. I can let my brain flow and go. I've always been able to trust my instincts in situations and go and flow off of that”.

Royval had a boxing match against Brandon Moreno, the flyweight champion, in November 2020. He lost the fight via TKO and dislocated his shoulders. In August 2021, after spending eight months in rehabilitation, he had a faceoff against Alexandre Pantoja, who poked Royval’s eyes. Unfortunately, Royval lost the fight via RNC. During one of his interviews, he shared how he felt after losing to Mareno:

“I think Moreno deserves to be a champion and what a great guy and a great fighter he is. So it's amazing to see him succeed; it's awesome to be a star, and it's gonna be even more great when I win this fight and make a name off of him.”

After two major losses, Royval won three consecutive fights against Rogério Bontorin, Matt Schnell, and Matheus Nicolau, winning titles as the Performance of the Night and Fight of the Night.

On October 15, 2022, Royval was scheduled to fight against Askar Askarov at UFC Fight Night 212. However, the bout was canceled the day before due to weight management issues.On December 16, 2023, Royval got a chance to compete against Alexandre Pantoja again. He unfortunately lost via decision, with Pantoja winning the title of UFC Flyweight Champion.

2.5. Brandon Royval’s Future Plans

Currently, Brandon Royval is a full-time jiu-jitsu coach at Factory X Muay Thai. UFC has confirmed that on February 24, 2024, Brandon Royval will face off with Brandon Moreno at UFC Fight Night 237. In his interview, he said that he would continue his boxing career.

“Now I have ground to cover, I have a lot of making up to do. When I first got signed to the UFC, it was like, I'm signed to the UFC, I did it, and that's enough. Now being in the UFC is not enough. I need to take over, I need to take all their money, and I need to go be the champion of the UFC flyweight division. I don't want to go back to my old life. So, every day I wake up so hungry, and so ready to make this dream happen. There's no going back for me.”

3. Brandon Royval’s Historic Fights

3.1. Brandon Royval vs Brandon Moreno

In the 2020 UFC 255, an electrifying 3x5-minute round match was held between Brandon Moreno and Brandon Royval. The fight began aggressively, and both fighters started punching each other. Moreno mounted Royval, but Royval escaped. Once again, Moreno did a spinning elbow, took Royval to the ground, grabbed him tightly with full force, and started punching his face, getting Royval injured. The referee stopped Moreno, and he unfortunately won the grappling fight by TKO in the first round.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Weight Class
2020 UFC 255 Brandon Moreno Loss TKO Flyweight

3.2. Brandon Royval vs Matheus Nicolau

In the 2023 UFC Fight Night, a breathtaking grappling fight occurred between Brandon Royval and Matheus Nicolau. Royval started punching and kicking his opponent. Royval kicked Nocolau’s chin with his knees, and as he fell, Royval began punching him with arms on his opponent’s chest and won the match. He was awarded the UFC Performance of the Night after this incredible bout.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Weight Class
2020 UFC Fight Night Matheus Nicolau Win KO & Punches Flyweight

3.3. Brandon Royval vs Alexandre Pantoja

In the 2021 UFC 296, the world’s best flyweight MMA fighters, Brandon Royval and Alexandre Pantoja, held an exciting grappling match. The match consists of 5 rounds, each round lasting 5 minutes. The wrestling fight began with punching by both fighters. Pantoja grabbed his opponent from the back and swept him onto the floor. Royval tried to escape but was tightly trapped under Pantoja.

Pantoja goes for a leg ankle lock followed by a heel hook and knee bar, putting maximum pressure on his opponent. Fortunately, Royval released himself and started kicking and punching Pantoja. The fight becomes wild and crazy, both fighters punching and kicking aggressively. Pantoja poked Royval’s eyes. In the second round, Pantoja performed a rare naked choke, and it was so tight that Royval couldn’t bear it and tapped on the floor to stop the fight. The fight ended in 1 minute and 46 seconds of the second round.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Weight Class
2021 UFC 296  Alexandre Pantoja Loss RNC Flyweight

4. Brandon Royval’s MMA Professional Breakdown

22 matches 15 wins 7 losses
By knockout 5 1
By advantages 0 0
By submission 8 1
By decision 2 5
By penalties 0 0

4.1. Methods of Submission

Methods 8 Wins 1 Loss
Armbar 3 0
Guillotine choke 2 0
Arm triangle choke 1 0
RNC 0 1
Triangle Choke 2 0

5. Brandon Royval’s MMA Fight History

Opponent W/L Event Method Year Weight Round
Alexandre Pantoja Loss UFC 296 Decision (Unanimous) 2023 Flyweight 5
Matheus Nicolau Win UFC on ESPN: Holloway vs. Allen KO 2023 Flyweight 1
Matt Schnell Win UFC 274 Guillotine choke 2022 Flyweight 1
Rogério Bontorin Win UFC on ESPN: Kattar vs. Chikadze Split Decision 2022 Flyweight 3
Alexandre Pantoja Loss UFC on ESPN: Cannonier vs. Gastelum RNC 2021 Flyweight 2
Brandon Moreno Loss UFC 255 TKO 2020 Flyweight 1
Kai Kara-France Win UFC 253 Guillotine choke 2020 Flyweight 2
Tim Elliott Win UFC on ESPN: Woodley vs. Burns Arm triangle choke 2020 Flyweight 2
Nate Williams Win LFA 79 Armbar 2019 Flyweight 1
Joby Sanchez Win LFA 65 Armbar 2019 Flyweight 1
Casey Kenney Loss LFA 53 Decision (Unanimous) 2018 Flyweight 5
Charles Johnson Win LFA 48 Decision (Unanimous) 2018 Flyweight 3
Jerome Rivera Win LFA 39 TKO 2018 Flyweight 1
Demetrius Wilson Win LFA 22 Triangle Choke 2017 Flyweight 2
Nick Urso Loss LFA 10 Split Decision 2017 Flyweight 3
Rakan Adwan Win LFA 5 Armbar 2017 Flyweight 1
Angel Torres Win SCL 53 Triangle choke 2016 Flyweight 1
Ricky Palacios Loss Combate Americas: Road to the Championship 5 Decision (Unanimous) 2016 Bantamweight 3
Danny Mainus Win WSOF 29 KO 2016 Bantamweight 1
Joey Welch Win SCL: Mile High Mayhem TKO 2014 Bantamweight 1
Ben VomBaur Loss Kick Down MMA 104: BOOM Decision (Unanimous) 2012 Bantamweight 3
Sammy Rind Win Kick Down MMA 102: Rebels TKO 2012 Catchweight 1

5.1. Brandon Royval’s Amateur Fight History

Opponent W/L Event Method Year Weight
Isaac Johnson Win Kickdown 100 Triangle choke 2012 Bantamweight
Tomy Dominguez Win Ultimate Top Team Fights N/A 2012 Bantamweight
Scott Ingram  Win Colorado Regional N/A 2011 Bantamweight
Justin Ohara  Win Kickdown Submission 2011 Bantamweight
Justin Hernandez  Win Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz Submission 2011 Bantamweight

6. Brandon Royval’s Top Fights

UFC 253: Royval vs. Kara-France (Full Fight Highlights)

Full Fight | Brandon Royval vs Danny Mainus | WSOF 29, 2016

UFC FIGHT NIGHT Brandon Royval vs Rogerio Bontorin Full

LFA 97: Brandon Royval vs Nate Williams

Photo Credit: @broyval

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