BJJ Grapplers: Cauliflower Ears to Look Tough

BJJ Grapplers: Cauliflower Ears to Look Tough

1. Introduction

Cauliflower ear is a condition in which the external part of the ear is affected. As the athlete is practicing on the mat, they have to go through a lot of injuries. The ears undergo constant pressure during a bout. It defects the outer part of the ear, and the blood gathers and creates a separate cartilage. In this way, fibrous tissue is made under the skin of the ear.

The appearance of the ear becomes weird, with the swollen area at the top part of the ear. It is a condition commonly associated with every athlete in the various martial arts.

The ear's deformed shape is considered a sign of victory that increases the bravery and dignity of the athlete. The deformed ears are the victory symbol for the fighters in the professional grappling world. The mixed martial artist squares off the tough competitors that give them the tough blows and the injuries to the sensitive part of the ear.

This cauliflower at the two sides of the head is a symbol of valor and privilege. The top contenders have the trophy that also gives them a tough look. The fans are also obsessed with the substantial appearance of the fighter.

In spite of the drastic effects of cauliflower ears, it is the most trendy appearance in the world of athletes. For the desired appearance, the fighters are achieving the look with the related methods and hacks to impress the fans. 

2. What is a Cauliflower Ear?

 What is a Cauliflower Ear?
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The cauliflower ear is also famous for the name wrestler’s ear, and now it is considered the most significant part of mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Madness has taken the grapplers to the next level, now everyone wants to get the tough appearance with the cauliflower ears.

In the medical field, the deformation of the outer part of the ear is known as the ‘auricular hematoma’. the rapid hits on the outer side of the ear, cause it to swell. This happens when the cartilage of the ear is badly damaged, and it collects blood at the affected part of the ear

The drastic forces affect the veins inside the ear and as a result, it blocks the passage of the blood. It hardens the vessels, and the blood clot is made inside the ear, it appears as a swollen area on the ear. This shape is termed a cauliflower ear, also known as a wrestler’s ear. 

3. Badge of Honor

Cauliflower ear is often seen in most athletes who are related to mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The wrestler's ear is a result of the blunt trauma that is caused by extreme outer force.

It has become a mark of achievement, with the appreciation of the people. The fans regard the fighter with the cauliflower ear, moreover, it gives a tough appearance to the fighter or the athlete. In reality, it is the harsh reality of the martial arts sports.

It has been considered that the cauliflower ear appears after years of experience and effort. That is why, it is believed to be a mark of dignity and valor in the fighter's profile. But the reality is against it, cauliflower ear can be made within a day, by exerting extreme pressure over the ear. It blocks the supply of the blood to the specific part of the ear and it appears to be swollen, in other words, it takes the shape of the cauliflower ear. 

4. Causes of Cauliflower Ear

The ear is made up of the muscles and fibers that are responsible for the hearing capabilities. It is supported by the cartilage, and the skin over it is very delicate. The repeated hits can affect the structure of the ear which turns into the swollen part.

The fighters of the combat arts undergo such issues, that have taken the shape of the landmark. The cauliflower ear is a blunt trauma that is caused by a forceful impact. It can turn into a form that can lead to the loss of hearing. The supply of blood nearly breaks, and the organ can not get the proper nourishment. The blood stops at the broken cartilage and the ear changes its appearance.

It is the non-penetrating trauma, that can be treated with surgery or proper care. Otherwise, it could lead to the worst condition. The sudden and extreme pressure can cause redness to the outer part of the ear. The bruise changes the shape of the ear, even causing the ear to bleed. 

5. Effects of Cauliflower Ear

The fighter can feel the ringing effect in the ears. It can cause redness and severe headaches. The fighter can feel the swelling effect on the face as well. In some cases, it might lead to the loss of hearing or they feel dizzy.

The ringing sensation is heard within the ear, it is also known as the tinnitus. Let us discover the effects that occur after the subperichondrial hematoma. It can lead to multiple difficulties and give severe pangs.

It is not only the deformation in the appearance of the ear but also causes inner defects. As the fighter gets hit on the ear it gives a bruise with the blockage of the veins. 

5.1. Cosmetic Deformity

The mark of the cauliflower is not just a mark of dignity or a badge of honor, it is the deformation of the muscles or the cartilage in the ear. When the fighter gets hit it hurts and causes the inevitable pain that causes the swelling effect over the ear.

The fighter can not put pressure on that side and can not lay on that side, as it will increase the sensation of pain. When the ear gets the hit it gets the most sensitive part and becomes comparatively soft with the increased sensitivity. If the blunt trauma is not treated it hardens with the passage of time. 

5.2. Hearing Loss

The cauliflower ear can lead to hearing loss, the structure of the ear is designed by nature in such a way that it allows the sound to move inside the ear. As the sound reaches inside the ear, the organs inside the ear work on the sound and make it audible to the human.

The functions are performed by the different parts of the ear. The major work is done by the eardrum which is present inside the ear. When the outer area of the ear is damaged then it also disrupts the soundwave passage. That is why the contenders that are facing the difficulty of hearing, it is due to the cauliflower ear or wrestler’s ears. 

5.3. Severe Cases of Cauliflower Ear

The contender might face the most severe cases after being traumatized by the ear hit. It can lead to severe headaches, they might feel a ringing sensation in the ear. The fighter might feel dizzy, with blurred vision. This happens because of the imbalance in the ear fluid, and the brain loses the sensation of the ear. 

6. Treatments of the Cauliflower Ear

It has been recommended to take the proper treatment when you get hit with the non-penetrating trauma of the ear. It can be cured properly with the treat under six to seven hours. The ice treatment can reduce the pain and the sensation of the ear. Apply the ice over the swollen part of the ear, can create a significant difference in the pain. In addition, it will help to maintain the correct shape of the ear. 

6.1. Incision and Draining

The medical team will cure the pain with the treatment of the incision and draining. It is a small treatment procedure that takes out the excess fluid that is under the skin.

The excess blood that was blocked due to the external pressure is drained from the hematoma.

The broken tissues are connected with each other, with the stitches, it will help to retain the shape of the ear.

The health provider will give the medication that creates no pain during the treatment. In addition, this procedure will reduce the risk of deformation and also helps to reduce the pain. 

6.2. Ear Splintz

Ear Splintz
Photo Credit: @youtube

It is the procedure that is dependent on the use of magnets. The magnets are molded and turned according to the shape of the ear and applied to it. This method of applying an ear splint is a unique way of treatment. The shape of the ear is taken and after it, the mold of the ear is created for the suffering fighter.

Once the excess fluid is removed from the ear, the mold is applied to the ear. The ear splintz can be applied to cure the wrestle’s ears or the cauliflower ear. It covers the surface of the ear properly.

In addition, it will provide more comfort and can be carried away where. Even the fighter can sleep while wearing the ear molding. The best part is that it can work for the prevention and help to cure the cauliflower ear. Once the ear splints are applied, it will stay on the ear and the process of the treatment will continue. 

6.3. Caulicure

In this treatment method the main part is played by the magnets, yes you heard it right. The magnets are placed in the ears that might vary the size. Once the fluid of the cauliflower is drained the pair of the magnets are used to cure the treatment.

The magnetic effect will reduce the pain and the swelling of the ear. The procedure of keeping the magnets on the swollen ears is of four to seven days and after it, the ear gets back to the normal position and attains the proper shape.

This process of caulicure, as the name suggests, cures the formation of cauliflower over the ear. The size of the magnet is chosen as per the size of the swollen area and it is also according to the pressure that is exerted on the cauliflower ear.

The caulicure treatment of the ear is done with the variation in the magnet sizes that can be changed accordingly. It helps to maintain the perfect balance of the ear and reduces the pain. It is made with the silicone that provides the comfort within the application. 

6.4. CauliBuds

Another way to recover is through the silicone magnets. The treatment with the magnets is the most effective method. The silicone magnets are worn on the ear and after the fluid is drained, the fighter can wear the pair of magnets. Caulibuds are in pairs of various sizes, and the kit of the caulibuds has four magnets. It can be applied at convenience, but the grip of the magnets is so powerful that might cause severe pain.

6.5. Surgery Process (Otoplasty)

If the treatment is not taken at the proper time then the last option is to move for the surgery. If the ear is deformed completely then the last option is to get the treatment of the cosmetic surgery. It will help to shape the ear properly with the improvement in the structure and the shape of the ear. Moreover, it will help to reduce the pain and the discomfort.

The surgeon will create an opening behind the ear, by moving the skin of the ear. They will reshape the tissue inside the skin and shape the cartilage. They will place the skin back to the position and stitch the area. 

7. Conclusion

The cauliflower ear is considered as the benchmark or a badge of honor for the grapplers and the fighters. It is also known wrestler’s ear, it is taken as a most desirable appearance for the top contender. Cauliflower's ear is much admired by the fans, it shows that the fighter has earned this mark of dignity after years of hard work.

But in reality, the cauliflower ear can be made in a night with the hacks and the techniques. The bottle and cap are used to make a cauliflower ear within a day.

If the ear trauma is not treated on time then it might take the worst shape and lead to hearing loss, as it blocks the way of the ear canal. Multiple treatments are available to cure the cauliflower ear. 

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