$100,000 Prize Money announced by PGF For Season 6 In 2024

$100,000 Prize Money announced by PGF For Season 6 In 2024

Professional Grappling Federation is a renowned platform for Jiu-Jitsu founded by Brandon McCaghren and Keelean Lawyer. PGF is going to launch season 6 on the 21st of April 2024 in Las Vegas. But the exciting news is that they have recently announced a Prize money of $100,000 for their upcoming season. Moreover, they are going to expand their partnership and are introducing a new instructor team as well.

As far as the partnership is concerned the founder of PGF is going to collaborate with two great names in the BJJ world. One of them is Zoltan Bathory who is a guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch, a rock band, and also an elite Black Belt Champion. The other name is Heather Grace Gracie. She runs Gracie's management company, also the granddaughter of Carlos Gracie, one of the prominent figures in the BJJ. Both of these figures will now be the leaders of the PGF and will contribute their wisdom and leadership qualities to the legacy of the GPF making it an important platform for grapplers.

Besides collaborating with partners, PGF founders have brought four exemplary figures to their instructor’s teams. These legendary names are Jeff Glover, Eddie Bravo, Roger Gracie, and Andre Galvao. All of them are so immersed in the knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu that they will make the best team ever. With all the captions shared by Jiu-Jitsu knowledge and the partner’s leadership, PGF is going to be an incredible platform in 2024.

This announcement will attract the best talent all over the world and we will see how many athletes will get themselves registered for the 2024 Championship. It will be a great opportunity for grapplers and also will be an exciting year for PGF. Brandon McCaghren has recently announced prize money and partnership news on his official Instagram account.

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