Team Elite Bjj Fighter Cody Linne Elite Sports

Cody Linne


Full Name Cody Linne
Class Lightweight
Weight 125lbs
Rank Blue Belt
Height 5'6"
Association RothwellMMA/LCCT BJJ


BJJ inspires him by giving him reason to push himself so he can become the best human being he can be. His coaches are the ones who inspire him because they work hard and push him to work even harder. His goals for the next 3 to 5 years are to become a very well-known BJJ practitioner, some of his goals along the way are to win Pan Ams, worlds, and EBI champion. He has been training for 4 years, 7 days a week and 30 hours a week. He has proved to a lot of people that he has what it takes. He has one belt, gold, and other medals in BJJ tournaments including third at Pan Ams. His go to finishing move is the straight armbar. He thinks to be a champion in his sport you have to be hardworking, dedicated, has heart and love for the sport amongst wanting it all more than anyone else.