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Elite Sports Ultra Light Preshrunk White Adult Taekwondo - TKD Gi

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Taekwondo Gi

Taekwondo practitioners wear a uniform which is commonly known as Taekwondo GI or a Dobok. If you are an enthusiast for Taekwondo or are going to train then you must have Elite Sports Taekwondo GI by. This USA TAEKWONDO approved GIs that we are offering are made from the very best quality 100% cotton. Pair your uniform with the best Taekwondo kick pads and perfect your kicks in no time. Both the jacket and pants are included. To give you comfort and ease while training we cut out excess material, plus the pants have an elastic drawstring waistband. We know there is a lot of sweat while training and to protect you from bad smell these Taekwondo GI come with anti-odor treatment. Safety comes first so make sure you have the right Taekwondo training accessories. If you do not go and buy the right ones from Elite Sports right now!