Kids BJJ Belts

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a great combat sport and its popularity is growing among kids. With BJJ your child can learn self-defense skills and some very important life skills. Elite Sports is all set to cater to all your child’s BJJ uniform needs throughout his/her BJJ journey on the mats. Hence we offer a range of comfortable BJJ gis and belts. The IBJJF has a unique belt rank system for kids. Elite Sports offers IBJJF-approved colored belts with distinct belt ranks to provide the ultimate grappling experience to your child.


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BJJ Kids Belts

Our commitment to providing top-quality BJJ belts and gis goes beyond just cotton material. We ensure that all of our belts for kids come with reinforced stitching, helping your children enhance their grappling and submission skills. Despite frequent washing, harsh handling, and intense sparring training routines, the Elite Sports BJJ belts for youth will not show any signs of wear and tear. Elite Sports also prioritizes comfort on the mats, ensuring that our belts are lightweight and true-to-size, offering unrestricted movement while simultaneously offering a secure fit. Unlike other BJJ belts for kids that are too thick and may leave marks on the skin after rolling sessions, the Elite jiu-jitsu belts for young practitioners will never cause discomfort, chafes, or impede performance. When your children are comfortable and at ease with the BJJ uniform, he will be able to enjoy learning different BJJ tricks and will not find it difficult to spend long hours executing those techniques. 

The colored belts are designed based on the IBJJF-approved jiu-jitsu belt ranking system for kids. Each belt comes with rank stripes, allowing your children to proudly display their progress and also find motivation to advance to the next level. In this way, your children will learn how to persevere and stay disciplined to achieve their long-term goals. 

At Elite Sports, your children will find the proper traditional jiu-jitsu gear, including a Gi and belt, and they will also find the support they need to thrive and excel both on and off the mats. Each core principle of jiu-jitsu applies to life, and these valuable life lessons begin as soon as your child dons the jiu-jitsu belt. 

As your children progress through different BJJ belt ranks and transition into the adult jiu-jitsu belt system, you can celebrate their journey by displaying their belts and achievements on a wall. Our durable BJJ belts are designed to last a lifetime, allowing your children to reflect on their progress and stay motivated in the face of challenges experienced in BJJ competitions and life. Introduce your children to the world of jiu-jitsu with Elite Sports Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belts for young champions and help them discover their passion for martial arts.