Women's BJJ Spats

Elite Sports women's bjj spats are beautifully crafted protective combat gear that will offer premium protection, longevity, and a generous compliment to the wearer's physique as if they were specifically tailored to each individual wearer. Aside from providing an aesthetic athlete look, they serve a much more important purpose. The best womens jiu jistu spats protect your skin from microorganisms, sweat, blood, etc.  By wearing spats your legs avoid ailments such as rashes, ringworm, or other infections. Mat burn is another common thing that fighters experience and rash guards are perfect for preventing it.

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These rugged high waisted bjj leggings & tights for women are technically also compression gear so they also function as such. They help to prevent muscle tears & soreness, improve blood flow, and help boost the recovery time for pulled muscles.  


Elite Sports women nogi spats are carefully constructed out of the highest quality polyester & spandex fabrics so that it will withstand day-to-day-use and endless wash cycles without losing its structural & cosmetic integrity. Featuring a lightweight yet durable build, our women's bjj spats will keep you comfortable and allow you to reach a full range of motion without any restriction. It’s integrated yoke seam will ensure that the spats are snug and secure without any looseness or slipping.  Enjoy the perfect combination of combat fashion & functionality. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing you’ll be rolling around fully protected with its non-chafing, moisture wicking combat gear. Also suitable for jogs, runs, or even doing yoga, these tough versatile spats, leggings, and tights for womens jiu jitsu will do it all. 

Fitting will range from sizes S - 2XL (waist sizes 30” - 38”) so that fighters of various shapes, weights, and sizes can enjoy premium bjj leggings. Also offering different vibrant colors such as black, red, white, blue, or purple. There is also an option for a short-short version of our spats for your desired choice of style.