Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ Grips Strength Trainer

The Elite Sports BJJ Trainer Grips are crafted with precision and rigorously tested for durability, providing you with the tools to develop and enhance your grip strength. For all BJJ practitioners, grip strength is crucial for success on the mats. To cultivate the essential grip power, proper BJJ training equipment is indispensable, and this is where our elite BJJ trainer grip system comes into play.  Our jiu-jitsu strength trainer grip set includes sleeve and lapel grips, resistance bands, and a carry bag. The texture of the durable grip material mirrors that of your opponent’s BJJ Gi, simulating the traditional BJJ experience. This not only helps develop muscle memory but also prepares you to face a real-life opponent without hesitation. 


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BJJ Hand Grip Trainer

The Elite Sports trainer grips not only enhance your clutching power, but also strengthen the muscles and joints in your fingers, palm, wrist, and forearms. With superior strength levels in your hands and forearms, you will feel more comfortable performing Gi grips, lapel grips, collar grips, and sleeve grips. Training with our BJJ grips gives you an edge on the mats, especially in competitive settings. You will be better able to apply submission techniques using Gi grips, manipulate your opponents’ moves to dominate them, and improve your reflexes, reducing your chances of getting dominated and subdued. 

Easy to use, our jiu-jitsu grips come with mounting hooks, allowing you to securely place them on a wall for your jiu-jitsu solo drills. No matter how hard you pull at the resistance band or the grips, they will stay securely in place, allowing you to train continuously without interruptions. From squats to lunges, crossbody holds, wrist curls, finger extensions, and resistance band grip walks, you can easily perform different exercises. 

Ideal for both Gi and No-Gi jiu-jitsu, these premium BJJ  grips eradicate the need for a training partner. Offering a complete martial arts solution, the use of these versatile grips is not limited to jiu-jitsu alone. You can employ these grips for judo training, enhance motor power in your fingers and hands for mixed martial arts, and also utilize them for resistance training if you are a professional submission wrestler. Highly comfortable, these jiu-jitsu grips for training have a superior ergonomic design that avoids unnecessary strain on your hands. Allowing you to move freely in various planes of motion, these BJJ grips can be used to enhance sparring, rolling, and grappling skills, in addition to mastering different variations of fundamental submission techniques.

Our Elite BJJ trainer grips are lightweight and come with a convenient storage bag, allowing you to carry these grips with you and always stay at the top of your training routine. If you want to always dominate your opponents on the mats, explore our collection of BJJ training grips and elevate your jiu-jitsu or martial arts training experience.