Why You Need to Wear the Right Training Gear for MMA

Why You Need to Wear the Right Training Gear for MMA

In Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the selection of the right training gear is what determines your destiny in the sport. While training for MMA, no one wants to get injured or feel any other discomfort that may ruin their training sessions.

Wearing the right gear allows you to train yourself without getting into any trouble. For example, using the right kind of gloves prevents your hands from getting injured while sparring. Similarly, other training gear should also be appropriate and comfortable so you can train yourself without any headache.

In this post, you will learn why you need to wear the right training gear for MMA as well as tips on how to choose the best ones.

1. Key Reasons to Wear the Right Training Gear for MMA

There are multiple reasons for wearing the right training gear for MMA. The following are key reasons that necessitate you going for the right training gear when it comes to practice MMA.

1.1. To Combat the Aggression of Sport

It is known that mixed martial arts are one of the most aggressive combat sports that involve a wide range of fighting techniques. Combatting the aggression of sport makes it essential for MMA trainees to wear the perfect training gear.

In MMA, fighters throw punches, kicks, and use multiple techniques to make damage to their opponents. If their training wear is not according to their physique or is of low quality, they cannot meet the aggression level that this sport requires.

During the training session, you might not be able to practice your techniques or perform workouts effectively if you do not have the right training gear.

1.2. Affects Performance

If you do not want to lower your performance level during the sparring and actual fights, wear the right fitness training gear. An athlete’s performance depends on how comfortable they are with their apparel while training and fighting. If, unfortunately, you have worn a loose fit or too tight rash guard or spat pants, you may feel uncomfortable, and that can divert your attention, and end up with poor performance. 

To stay at the top of your game, pay special attention to the appropriateness of your MMA training gear before wearing them for sparring sessions or fights. Always go for the most suitable size for your body, so you can concentrate on what you are doing without any discomfort.

1.3. Comfortable Movement

When you wear ill-fit training gear, you may face issues such as limited movement. Movement limitations in MMA training sessions can cause real trouble when it comes to actual fights. Using the right fit gears not only helps in easy movement but also provides support and stability to various areas of the body.

Both excessively tight and loose training gear makes it hard for trainees to move and practice their techniques and strategies for MMA fights.

1.4. Injury Prevention

While training for MMA, you never want to get injured. The selection of the right training gear has an important role in the occurrence and prevention of possible injuries in mixed martial arts sessions.

If you do not choose the right kind of gloves or mouth guard for sparring sessions, there are chances that you may get injuries. Loose gloves can cause discomfort when throwing punches. It can also harm your fingers and palms. Similarly, inappropriate mouth guards and rash guards can also lead to severe mouth and skin tearing issues.

Therefore, for injury prevention too, you should not be ignoring the appropriateness of your training gear for MMA.

2. How to Choose the Right MMA Training Gear

Considering the number of online stores specializing in MMA training gear, it is quite difficult to decide what to purchase and what attributes one should look for. The following are some tips that can help you choose the best quality training gear for your martial arts classes and sparring sessions.

2.1. Decide Your MMA Style

Before starting to find the right training gear, it will be vital to decide on the MMA Style that you want to train in. Every MMA discipline may have different gear requirements, therefore consulting with your instructor is the best way to know which gear you should choose following your selected combination.

2.2. Go For Right Sized Clothes

While choosing the apparel and other training gear make sure that they are the right fit for your body. But it does not mean you should choose too tight ones. They must not be ill-fitting or baggy at all. It will make it easy for you to move freely without feeling any discomfort.

2.3. Choose Materials with Breathability

In the right selection of training gears for MMA, the quality of material cannot be ignored. Whatever training gear you are going to choose, make sure they allow your skin to breathe.

Fiber-made materials are a good choice as they do not restrict air circulation. Wearing training gears particularly spats and rash guards made of breathable materials keep your body cool in intense workouts. You can perform your workouts with comfort and also extend the duration.

2.4. Durability Matters

During MMA training, your training gears have to face a lot of action. Therefore, you must be investing in gears that are made of durable materials. Don’t hesitate at spending higher prices for high-quality training shirts, protections, and gloves as they will last for a long time. Low-quality items can get damaged in a short time and you will be required to replace them more often.

2.5. The Right Gear for the Right Style

It is also essential to choose the right type of gear for the right MMA style. For example, if you are training boxing, your gears should be suitable for it. Each of the MMA styles requires different types of gears following their intensity. So, before getting into a shop or online store like Elite Sports, consult with your instructor for advice, so you can get the most suitable gears for your MMA style.

2.6. Do Not Compromise on Quality for Saving Money

Saving money is a good habit but on the cost of compromising product quality, it is not a good thing. You should not prefer low-quality training gear for the sake of saving money. Go for high quality and then negotiate to the least possible price.

3. Essential MMA Training Gear

The following are some most essential gears that you cannot ignore when it comes to training for MMA effectively without getting any injury.

3.1. MMA Rash Guard

MMA Rash Guard

MMA rash guard is one of the key gears that you should be wearing while training and working out. They are worn tightly so your opponent cannot grab onto the fabric with ease. They are usually manufactured out of polyester, nylon, and spandex. They are available in multiple colors and sizes and are equally effective for all men, women, and kids.

They protect your skin from abrasions and cuts, particularly in grappling sessions. They also help you keep your body cool while working out and sparring and wick away sweat.

3.2. MMA Mouth Guard

MMA Mouth Guard

In mixed martial arts, the only protection after your hand that you can use to protect your mouth is a mouthguard. While practicing alone, you do not need them, but in sparring and actual fights, to remain safe from mouth or teeth injury, they are essential. During sparring or fighting, you may get hits on your mouth, and the absence of a mouth guard damage can cause lasting injuries.

They are available in different sizes and you can get them in suitable ones following your needs.

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3.3. MMA Headgear

MMA Headgear 

In MMA, the head and face are the most sensitive parts of the body that are the target of every fighter to knock out their opponent. To avoid and minimize the risks of sustaining head injuries, MMA headgear is the essential equipment.

This is protective equipment that covers your head. They are usually made of materials that can easily absorb the impacts of intense strikes. Both in sparring sessions and fights, they help you survive for the maximum time without getting any crucial head or face injury.

3.4. MMA Gloves

MMA Gloves 

MMA gloves are also important training wear. They do not just protect your hands from getting injured but also your sparring partner. MMA gloves are designed for hand protection as well as for providing ease to fighters in grappling. You can avail them in different sizes and types minding your needs.

3.5. MMA Shorts

MMA Shorts

MMA shorts are not only training gear but also a symbol of a fighter’s style. They are designed to support fighters in making their moves while training martial arts with ease and perfection.

There are mainly three types of MMA shorts that you can choose considering their benefits and your preferences.

Traditional Shorts: They contain longer leg length and Velcro and drawstring closure that provides exceptional hold to the waist. They are also known as “grappling Shorts”. You can use these shorts for all types of martial arts.

Compression Shorts: They come in a Vale Tudo style and are designed to provide the utmost flexibility to legs during fights. You cannot use these shorts if you are not wearing a groin guard.

Hybrid MMA Shorts: They are an evolution of both traditional and compression shorts. They are designed to maximize the movements much greater than traditional shorts. They are getting more popular due to their shorter length and lightweight.

3.6. MMA Spat Pants

MMA Spat Pants

For long and intensive training sessions, MMA spat pants are exceptional in providing comfort in performing techniques and workouts. In martial arts and especially in grappling, they are essential training wear that not just keep you dry but also protect you from any form of scratches and skin damage. They are available in a number of sizes that you can choose according to your physique.

3.7. MMA Shin Pads

 MMA Shin Pads

As MMA is not limited to a single combat discipline, you should expect everything including punches, kicks, and grapples at you. While sparring and fighting, your lower leg and feet are not safe if you are not using a shin pad or guard.

They absorb the impact when you strike with your legs and prevent them from getting damaged. They are made of multiple materials including thick padding that absorbs the impact of leg strike. By protecting your legs and feet, they help you sustain longer sparring and training sessions.

3.8. MMA Groin Guard

MMA Groin Guard

The groin is also a very sensitive part of the body that is at high risk of getting damaged during MMA training sessions when it gets hit with a hard impact. During the sparring or fight, you may get a kick in the wrong areas like the groin, so it is vital to use the best quality groin guard to avoid any kind of groin injury.

There is a wide range of styles and sizes available for groin guards that you can choose considering your needs.

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4. Final Thought

The maximum safety depends on the righteous selection of the training gears. If you are using low-quality training wear, you may face issues like discomfort, quick replacements, and most important losing focus. To be on the top of your game in MMA, always wear the right training gear. For all top-notch quality gears, Elite Sports is a perfect platform where you can get them at affordable prices.

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