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The Perfect Gym Bag for Professional Procrastinators

The Perfect Gym Bag for Professional Procrastinators

You see, as long as I can remember I’ve been everything. I’m actually late writing this blog post too, but I digress. My mother once told me that I was born after my due date too, but I think she was just being cheeky. When I was in school, I would always be late to class, even in-between periods! Eventually being late turned into a badge of pride that I would often tell my friends about. As weird as it sounds, my friends would invite me to places but ask me to arrive 30 minutes early, just because they knew I would be late and arrive at the time same everyone else. I don’t think I’m the only one but let me tell you why this gym bag is perfect for me.

When I started training jiu jitsu, I also started by showing up late to class. The instructor didn’t mention anything at first but he sure made me aware while rolling by not taking it easy on me. I got it, it was my fault and I deserved it. What eventually started saving me time was a gym bag just like the Warrior Series gym bag we just came out with, though this one works particularly well. I got into the habit of getting home, taking everything out, washing it and placing a clean set of clothes in it. A clean gi, rashguard, and shorts would always be in my gym bag while the others were washing. Something as simple as this was what helped. This habit-forming gym bag was now allowing me to arrive on time because I was no longer spending 15 minutes looking for my wallet, water bottle, gi, rashguard, shorts, and anything else I wanted to bring to the gym with me…they were already there. No longer did I have to spend 15 minutes running around the house looking for everything anymore...because it was already there for me.

I understand the procrastination business is not for everyone, trust me, I don’t recommend it. But in the case that you always find yourself running late, having a bag big enough to store everything you need for the gym (and making sure it’s ready to go) will definitely help. In fact, the fact that this gym bag has more pockets than you can count is good because you’ll never forget anything. Below are a few things I listed that I particularly liked.


  • Prevents you from being late to anything (ever again)
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Wet pocket, for the sweaty rashguard or gi….or wet clothes.
  • Separate shoe pocket
  • Backpack strap, shoulder strap, carry handle
  • Heavy-duty Cordura construction

P.S. If this isn't your style. Check out the mesh bag we also launched. I'll tell you about that in another adventure.

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