IBJJF To Introduce Changes To Gi Uniform Rules Applicable from 2024

IBJJF To Introduce Changes To Gi Uniform Rules Applicable from 2024

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation has announced changes in its Gi uniform rules. IBJJF has always been extremely conscious when it comes to rules and regulations. The integrity of the organization is maintained by practitioners which has made IBJJF the most reputable organization in the BJJ community.

Recently IBJJF announced that it will make changes in Gi uniforms which will be applicable from 2024. It means that Gi manufacturers have to abide by the rules or else they would be left behind in the competition. IBJJF has upgraded the level of the GSM (grams per square meter) range of the fabric, which means that ultra-light Gis would no longer be accepted in the IBJJF. The official patch placement has also been changed which means that logos and patches are restricted to the upper portion of the Gi pants. No patches are allowed close to the first 15 cm from the pant leg, front and back.

Only the patches at the back of the Gi pants can be greater than wider than 10 cm. The length of the cuffs of the Gi is also reduced. These rules will be mandatory for every fighter competing in Gi after the 2024 IBJJF World Gi Championship.

For more details, you can visit IBJJF Website.

These changes will adversely affect fighters as they have to invest in Gis, in order to become eligible for competition. However, it is a big time investment for most fighters because not every fighter earns a decent amount of money.

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