EBI BJJ Tournament Rules and Divisions

EBI BJJ Tournament Rules and Divisions

BJJ has become an international sport of great popularity. Every day, the number of people who wish to compete grows. We're referring to the fact that grappling and BJJ contests are taking place all over the globe. Many of these are local, low-level tournaments that allow competitors to test their skills. There are, however, some BJJ championships that are thought to be world-class.

However, there isn't a uniform set of rules for BJJ tournaments. various tournaments have their own rules. In this article, we will shine clarity on how to follow the EBI BJJ rules.

1. What is EBI BJJ?

EBI is a brand-new and very thrilling no-gi jiu-jitsu event. The regulations of this competition are intended to make submission attempts more challenging. With a time limit of 10 minutes without points, the nature of the game promotes only submissions, while overtime that lasts 3 rounds of competition forces participants into an overtime submission-only shoot-out to determine who will win.

It showcases the top grapplers, including Gordon Ryan, Craig Jones, Gary Tonnon, and Grace Gundrum.

2. When and How Should You Enter an EBI Jiu-Jitsu Championship?

EBI is always encouraging innovative and emerging grapplers to participate in the ever-growing EBI Tournaments.

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3. EBI Jiu Jitsu Rules

The EBI tournament is run by the one, who started it all, the legendary Eddie Bravo. Because of its unconventional regulations,  it is among the most well-known and important wrestling competitions around the global s. The tournament is held after every 4 months, typically. The main event comprises 16 grappling contestants (i.e., they don't sport the BJJ Gi). Then it's a collapse tournament. Each player contests against their opponent and they go on to play in the following round or are eliminated from the tournament.

Since the Eddie Bravo Invitational first took place, its rules and framework have been the standard for all sub-only championships around the globe. EBI has hosted many successful events, bringing some of the top names in sub-only grappling to the main stage. In EBI tournaments, the world has witnessed some of the best and most famous moments in the history of grappling. There's been a lot of talk about the possibility that EBI will undergo major modifications to its rules considering its mainstream adoption.

3.1. Time Limit

EBI matches last for 10 minutes long, and the focus is on submission. If the match doesn't finish within the time limit of 10 minutes, the match goes into overtime rounds. The overtime round consists of two sets. The maximum is three rounds or six exchanges per set in overtime.

3.2. Point System

The thing that is unique about EBI events is that they don't award points. And if you win an amount, you will not earn any points to show, and neither will the opponent earn any points if he gets your back. The contest will last for 10 min and either of you will only finish it through submission. If the first ten minutes of play do not produce a victor, the game will go into overtime.

In the overtime round, either contestant will flip the coin. Winners of coin flips will pick between two positions:

  • A spiderweb (armbar placed with the attacker at the top) or
  • Back control using both hooks.

The objective for both players is to make an attacker submit and escape from the defense position. If the winner is a coin flip, it will determine who will begin first in the attacker's position. After the exchange, both players will change places; the attacker who is previously in charge becomes the defender and vice versa.

3.3. The Two Exchanges Are

In the event, that one of the rivals can submit, but, before changing positions, if both have failed to submit to each other then winning is awarded to that competitor who makes the opponent submit, in other words, there is no coming back.

Suppose both contestants have submitted their submissions against each of their submission chances. In that case, the time taken to complete the submission will be cited, and the one who submitted the submission with the fastest submission time will be awarded the win.

If the two opponents fail to meet and cannot submit to each other, they will be sent to the next round, which will last three rounds. If there is no submission after three rounds, the player with the fastest escape time in three rounds will win the competition.

If you're wearing the seatbelt over your opponent's back in a position of attack but do not have leg hooks - the position is alive, and the game is still going. The match stops if you don't have the leg hooks. You're still alive when you change into an armbar from the back. It's the same if you are in the truck's position.

4. Illegal Moves

All grappling moves are legal under EBI, including spine locks.

5. The Future in The Men's Division Of EBI

Eddie Bravo has recently stated that the future of the division for men in EBI will be based on the format of jiu-Jitsu combat, instead of the sub-only rules, and the women's division remains a sub-only event. The trainer also plans to add team events like Quintet and Subversive on this EBI platform.

If you've never witnessed a combat-style BJJ match, here's an instant highlight reel of Vagner Rocha, who appeared to be particularly successful under these rules.

Slaps with the hands are allowed when both players can hit the canvas. As you can imagine, it is dramatically diverse.

What do you think? Do you prefer watching sub-only grappling? or perhaps you are a lover of combat-style grappling?

6. In 2022, the EBI will be back

The one and only 10th Planet CEO Eddie Bravo has said that the EBI events held in 202 will be a welterweight event. In an update on Instagram, Bravo listed three possible EBI welterweight contenders.

The three competitors who have been tagged are Tye Ruotolo, Nicky Ryan, and Nathan Orchard. They would make exciting participants in any EBI event.

In the initial 10 mins of regulation time, there aren't any penalties, points, or benefits, and the sole way of winning during regulation is to submit if there's no submission in regulation, the match shifts to overtime. During the three overtime possibilities, participants alternate in the spiderweb or on the back. The winner of the match is the one who can submit their opponent or escape from the hold more swiftly.

Submission Underground and the Emerald City Invitational are two examples of grappling promotions that adhere to the EBI regulations.

7. FAQs

7.1. What is EBI BJJ?

EBI is a submission-only Jiu-Jitsu tournament with 16 participants, with the winner earning an estimated $25,000. Every EBI will tell the story of one person who battles to reach an upper position in the tournament by defeating four other competitors in a battle of skillful techniques, and submission attacks.

7.2. What Exactly Is Ebi Working Overtime?

The overtime rounds of EBI allow both grapplers the chance to attack and defend submissions at their turn. To give equal opportunity, both grapplers start from two positions. The first can be an armbar or Spider web location (armbar), while the other is the seatbelt, and the hooks control the back.

7.3. What Is the Matter with BJJ EBI?

In the wake of EBI 17, which took place on the 29th, Bravo took a break from managing the company and instead turned his attention to the development of Combat Jiu-Jitsu. Then Bravo began to hold the Combat Jiu-Jitsu World Championships and continues to hold them today.

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