A Female BJJ Fighter Submits All Sturdy Guys At Boxing Gym

A Female BJJ Fighter Submits All Sturdy Guys At Boxing Gym

Well, we all are aware of the benefits and perks of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And there is no doubt, you all might have seen that too. But have you heard that a single female grappler submits all tough and macho boxers at a gym?

At the Sweet Science Boxing and MMA Academy, where Smitty Wit is a famous instructor, he shared a video of a female BJJ practitioner submitting multiple boxers within seconds. In the video, which Smitty posted on his Instagram, showed that he was the one who frankly instigated the male boxers to fight with a female practitioner, and little did they know that she was already prepared to slay them all.

The female practitioner submits all five boxers via Guillotine Choke within seconds. The first guy came all hard thinking “Of course, I’m gonna win” but he was wrong. Despite having a small size, the girl is adept in fast gaping movements. And hence, she choked the big guy.

Another boxer took an interest and welcomed the fight. She got on top of him and next, we all know what came, The Guillotine Choke. Another boxer stepped in while thinking that everyone had gone easy on her because of her being a female but he got submitted too.

The same happened with the other two boxers and later the female grappler earned respect. That show of grappling skills proved that Jiu-Jitsu is capable of enabling you with the upper hand, technique, and skill despite your size.

Photo Credit: @smittywit

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