Tyron Woodley Replaced Fury to Set Up a Revenge Fight with Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley Replaced Fury to Set Up a Revenge Fight with Jake Paul

The Former UFC Champion Tryon Woodley reveals his intentions behind the swift decision of replacing Tommy Fury for the December 18 fight, “The fact that Jake Paul can walk around and say he beat me, just boils my skin and blood and everything inside of my body.”

Tyron Woodley showed the “don’t care” attitude towards Tommy Fury’s condition. Therefore, Fury’s withdrawal opened up a big chance for him to set up a revenge fight with the Youtuber.

Tyron Woodley swiftly agreed to a rematch with Jake Paul after Fury announced his withdrawal from a scheduled bout on December 18th, claiming he is suffering a severe chest infection and a broken rib.

In their first fight in August, Woodley suffered a split-decision defeat and looked up for a chance to win over Jake Paul.

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“I don’t know the circumstances, I don’t know his position,” said Woodley. Although he believes he should have rightly received a return bout, regardless of whether a replacement was needed for Fury.

“To be honest, I feel like things happened the way they are supposed to happen. I feel like this is a fight that should have taken place anyway. This is a fight that more people are excited about.”

“It’s kind of funny that the fight was set up for December 18 and more people were talking about a rematch with me and Jake anyway, so I feel things happen in time and on purpose for a reason.”

“I never wish had upon anybody. I don’t want anybody to get hurt, so I can step forward. I don’t really have much to say about Tommy Fury. I’m not in his camp, I don’t really know him, and not to sound mean, I really don’t care about his reasoning for not taking the fight,” Woodley continued to assert.

“I’m just here, ready and willing and trying to go out there and knock his head off.”

Since turning professional, the YouTuber turned boxer has added Woodley to his tally of four victories, a result that continues to enrage the MMA fighter.

Woodley said, "Very few times you get a chance to go back and redo something."

"Sometimes you sit there and you live with regrets, 'Like damn man, I feel like I won the fight. Maybe I could have done this a little bit differently, maybe if I would have thrown a few more punches here.”

"Now I get the opportunity to go back and undo what was already done, so that's something that drives me without any additional money, any additional sold-out crowd.”

With a $500,000 KO bonus offered by Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley has said, “don’t put a bounty on your own f*cking head and think I’m not going to take it.”

While boxing and MMA fans, critics, and athletes anticipate, the answer to the question of whether Tyron Woodley can take his revenge will inevitably be revealed on December 18th, 2021.

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