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Jake Paul Sees Tommy Fury’s Withdrawal As ‘An Embarrassment’

Jake Paul Sees Tommy Fury’s Withdrawal As ‘An Embarrassment’

After Tommy Fury withdrew from their fight less than two weeks before it was set to take place, Jake Paul touted him as "an embarrassment."

In withdrawing from their scheduled fight due to injury, Jake Paul insisted Tommy Fury "cracked and tried to find a way out."

Severe chest infection and a broken rib are the claimed reasons for Tommy Furry retiring from the December 18 fight with Jake Paul. Fury will be replaced by Tyron Woodley for the scheduled fight. He said he was ‘heartbroken’ and hoped to fight Jake Paul in 2022.

“They said: ‘We’d fight Jake with a broken rib, with our arms tied behind our backs.” Jake went on to say, “when it came down to fighting, they pulled out.”

“I question everything about that family,” Paul said about his rival Fury’s injury.

“He has never accomplished anything himself. The only reason he is anything is because of his brother.”

“He’s had a silver spoon in his mouth for his entire life.”

“He has got fame from his brother. He has never had a real opponent. His opponents were all meant to lose.”

Tommy said,” I’m a scary guy to fight – the [trash talk], the pressure. All of this?”

Since switching from YouTube to the ring, Paul has won all four of his boxing contests.

Whereas Tommy, in his seven fights, has remained undefeated.

Jake Paul disagreed with the Fury proposal to fight in 2022, he said, “I don’t see any reason to come back next year and give him a payday.”

“It would be more fun to leave him in the dust.”

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