The debut of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the UK's GCSE Course

The debut of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the UK's GCSE Course

Is BJJ going to be included in the Physical Education Curriculum of the UK?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is widely recognized and practiced in the UK. But some recent events show the recognition and mainstream adoption of the grappling martial art in the UK. Recently it was announced that BJJ is included in the GCSE PE (Physical Education)  curriculum of the UK. This drive is initiated and carried out by the UKBJJA with the assistance of the Council of Curriculum Examination and Assessment (CCEA).

In UK schools, the physical education curriculum of GCSE PE is offered to the age group ranging from 15 to 16. And yes! Based on the recent development, BJJ is now officially included in the GCSE PE curriculum.

This development can become a major threshold of mainstream adoption of BJJ in the UK. In recent years many British athletes have been in the headlines because of their spectacular BJJ performances like Ffion Davies and Gordon Ryan

The Official Message of UKBJJA over this Development

The head of UKBJJA, Neil Williams responded with these words:

“This exciting news is a reflection of the relentless efforts that take place, often behind the scenes, by our board members to further grow and legitimise the presence of BJJ as a sport across the whole of the UK. We’re very proud to be able to say there is now a route to recognized, national qualifications in BJJ. When paired with the safeguarding, coaching, first aid, and referee courses available via the UKBJJA this builds a strong arsenal of skills for all sports leaders within jiu-jitsu so that we may continue to raise standards and provide a positive environment within which UK BJJ can grow.”

Are the Changes Applicable to the Jurisdiction of Northern Ireland Territories?

When questioned about the application of this new change over the territories of Northern Irland, the UKBJJA director of Northern Ireland, Robert Cullinan Responded with these words:

“I’m thrilled to see this now formalized and out there in the public domain as an opportunity for anyone who is passionate about developing their BJJ through a formal and nationally recognized route. Working with the CCEA has been a pleasure and we’re very grateful to them for their collaboration and support on making this project a success”

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