Results of IBJJF Chicago Spring Open 2023

Results of IBJJF Chicago Spring Open 2023

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation conducted the Chicago Spring Open 2023 on the 29th and 30th of April 2023 from which various great results drew the attention of BJJ fans. Various BJJ top fighters competed in the tournaments to execute their marvelous performances. Two times ADCC Champion JT Torres surprised his fans by appearing in the Gi tournament and enlisted his name as a Middleweight champion. Fishman also appeared in the Gi championship and beat Yan Lucas, and Cordeiro Paiva to win a gold medal in the medium-heavyweight of the Black Belt division.

Yan Paiva was also defeated by another tough competitor Cassio Costa and for the second time became a Silver medalist. But he made his weekend exciting when he executed his best performance in the No-Gi competition on the second day and won the Gold medal in the medium heavyweight Black Belt division. Cassio Costa who defeated Paiva to achieve another gold in the absolute division brought two gold medals with him, in the absolute and super-heavyweight divisions.

The female heavyweight champion, Melissa Stricker Cueto brought the gold medal without a match and achieved a default victory. She brought another gold medal with her by defeating Joanna Christine Trindade in the final of the absolute weight division match. Another elite BJJ competitor, Jacob Couch, surprised his fans by winning two gold medals in both heavyweight and absolute weight divisions. He gave an outclassed performance in the final of the heavyweight division against David Garmo and made the championship more thrilling to watch.

Various other great competitors made the last weekend of April very exciting by attending the IBJJF Chicago Open 2023. By summarizing the words we can say, BJJ fans watched a great series of fights in the IBJJF Chicago Open 2023.

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