‘Paul vs Fury’ Bout Will Reschedule in 2022, Tommy Fury ‘Extremely Unlucky’ to Miss Jake Paul Fight, Says Promoter Frank Warren

‘Paul vs Fury’ Bout Will Reschedule in 2022, Tommy Fury ‘Extremely Unlucky’ to Miss Jake Paul Fight, Says Promoter Frank Warren

Promoter Frank Warren is hoping to reschedule the ‘Paul vs Fury’ bout in 2022. He says, “Jake said that Tommy Fury was ‘lucky’ he wasn’t in there but Tommy was extremely unlucky to miss out with his injury.”

Tommy Fury’s fight with Jake Paul could be rescheduled for early next year, and it will be a “different proposition” for the YouTube star, says promoter Frank Warren.

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The unbeaten British contender had to pull out from his scheduled battle against Jake Paul last weekend after suffering from a severe chest infection and a broken rib.

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Paul instead knocked out Tyron Woodley, who replaced Fury to set up a revenge fight, following his second defeat from the Youtuber. But Frank Warren, Tommy Fury's promoter, plans to reschedule a big fight between the British contender and the social media star.

“We will be looking to reschedule in early 2022,” said Warren.

“A fit Tommy Fury is a very different proposition to Tryon Woodley.”

For the Woodley fight, Paul wore a Union Jack-themed outfit to the ring, which contained a message to Tommy Fury on his robe.

"Hey Tommy, wish you could've been here but watching from a TV is cool too."

 Paul said, “Tommy Fury is lucky too that he wasn’t in there tonight, because Tyron is way tougher. He has that experience,” while referring to the Brit in his post-fight interview.

“Tommy probably would have looked a lot worse than that [Woodley knockout] – and that was pretty bad.”

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Paul extended his undefeated record to five victories by dropping Woodley face first on the ground in the sixth round with a huge right-hand blow.

“I got the highlight reel knockout setting up that shot because I knew he was going to try and catch the right hand coming straight, so I had to loop it around like a hook,” said Jake Paul.

"I had both hands up, I knew it was coming," said Woodley.

"I was ready to block the overhand and I don't know if he delayed it.

"Even if he didn't delay it, I don't know why I dropped my hand.

"In this sport, you can only make one mistake. Literally one mistake."

In his first fight with Paul, Woodley was beaten by a split decision, but made a costly defensive lapse in the rematch, the former UFC champion admitted.

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