‘No Gi is way better than Gi’, says Dana White

‘No Gi is way better than Gi’, says Dana White

Dana Fredrick White Junior the president and chief executive officer of Ultimate Fighting Championship and also the owner of Power Slap; shared his opinion on Jiu-Jitsu in a recent podcast of Lex Fridman by stating

“In my opinion, and all the Jiu-Jitsu f***ing people are going to go crazy over this, but in my opinion, no-gi is way better than a gi.”

Dana White began his journey in combat sports via boxing at the age of 17. He wanted to pursue it as a profession but later he altered his mind as he was frightened that boxing might result in severe head injury. He served as a boxing coach at gyms. He then became CEO and president of UFC.

Dana White had not experienced grappling as a practitioner or competitor. Even though he trained himself in BJJ before becoming the manager of mixed martial artists and light heavyweight champions

Although White has no professional record in grappling competitions, he still addressed his remarks via watching no-gi competitions that the no-gi is far better than a gi . It is a never-ending debate and has grown intense among the followers of BJJ at the moment as there is a fundamental difference in uniform, techniques, and rulesets of gi and no gi grappling competitions. In the modern era, both styles of gi or no gi importance should be addressed as both have a practical approach and aid in self-defense and career development.

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