Leonardo Leite - Fifth Degree BJJ Black Belt MMA Fighter

Leonardo Leite - Fifth Degree BJJ Black Belt MMA Fighter

1. Leonardo Leite’s Details

Leonardo Leite’s Details

Name Leonardo Gergis F. Leite
Nickname Léo
Born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date of Birth 25 March 1978
Nationality Brazilian
College/University N/A
Age 44 Years
Last Fight 13 May 2022 in Legacy Fighting Alliance
Last Weigh In Light Heavyweight
Weight Class Pesadíssimo (100 Kg/ 221 lbs)
Weight 100 Kg/ 221 lbs
Height 6’1’’
Reach 75
Stance Orthodox
Career Disclosed Earning N/A
Fighting out of Brazil
Foundational Style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Favorite Technique Knee Slide Guard Pass & Relógio Choke
Rank Fifth Degree Black Belt
Awarded by Alexandre Paiva
Head Coach Alexandre Paiva
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda -> Carlos Gracie -> Helio Gracie -> Rolls Gracie -> Romero Cavalcanti -> Alexandre Paiva Leonardo Leite
Team Association Brazilian Top Team/Alliance Jiu-Jitsu

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2. Leonardo Leite’s Biography

Leonardo Leite is a BJJ Black Belt under Alexandre Paiva. He is sometimes called Léo, short form of Leonardo in Portuguese. He is not only a BJJ practitioner but also a Judoka and MMA fighter. He is a representative of Alliance Jiu-Jitsu and has won many medals under Alexandre Paiva.

2.1. Leonardo Leite’s Early Life

Leonardo Leite, also known as Léo, was born on 25 March 1978 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2.2. Leonardo Leite and Judo

Leo had a martial art background which is why he started Judo at a young age. His father used to train in BJJ but he wanted something different for his son. He took his son to the “Federal Club” in 1984.

 Leonardo trained in Judo under Omar Brazil. Leonardo at a young age watched his father train in Judo so he developed an interest in martial arts which was later evident in his Judo techniques.

Leo competed in the internal tournaments organized by the Federal Club.

2.3. Transferred to Club de Regatas do Flamengo

When Leo turned 10 in 1988, he was transferred to the Club de Regatas do Flamengo. Leo left the Federal Club because it was not able to grant permission to its students so they can partake in national tournaments. After getting transferred to a more significant and professional institute, Leo decided to compete. He participated in the official tournaments and competitions of the Brazilian Judo Confederation and the Judo Federation of Rio de Janeiro.

2.4. Changed Judo Institutes

Leo did not remain consistent in terms of Judo institutes, rather he kept on changing them to find a better one. He moved to AABB in Rio de Janeiro from the Flamengo Club. Later on, he transferred to Gama Filho and then Tijuca Tênis Clube.

2.5. Lead the Brazilian Judo Team

In 1997, Leo became a part of the Brazilian Junior National Team. Later in 1998, Leo got the chance to lead the Brazilian Judo Team. He carried on with the leadership till 2012.

2.6. Started BJJ

In 1993, Leo became fascinated by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His father took him to the Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Rio de Janeiro. It was then that Leo came to know about submissions and instantly fell in love with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Leo knew about BJJ his whole life, but he was initially interested in Judo. When he developed even a slight interest in BJJ, his father took no time to take him to a BJJ gym.

His father always wanted BJJ for his exceptional child. Leo's interest went to peak for BJJ. he decided to pursue both BJJ and Judo.

2.7. Trained Under Alexandre “Gigi” Paiva

Leonardo got his BJJ training under Alliance Jiu-Jitsu’s head coach, Alexandre Gigi Paiva.

2.8. Works as a Commentator

Leonardo Leite works as a TV commentator for Judo and MMA competitions.

3. Leonardo Leite’s Pro BJJ Combats

3.1. Promoted to Brown Belt

Leo started competing in BJJ when he was a Blue Belt. It was the fast learning pace of Leo that he climbed up to Black Belt really fast. Leo was not only famous in the Judo community but later on, he even got recognition in the BJJ community. As a Brown Belt, Leonardo competed in various BJJ tournaments.

3.2. Promoted to Black Belt

Leonardo was to compete in the Mundial in 1999. He was a Brown Belt at that time. But seeing his determination and BJJ performance, Alexandre Paiva promoted him to Black Belt, just 2 weeks before his huge fight.

3.3. Competed in the Mundial

In 1999, Leo competed in the World Championship (Mundial). It was the first biggest championship for Leonardo. He was tense about this fight. He was of the view that he would be competing as a Brown Belt but when his coach promoted him to Black Belt just 2 weeks before the championship, it was a terrific moment for Leonardo.

He thought he was not ready for the Black Belt but his coach was completely aware of Leonardo’s capabilities.

3.4. Defeated Ze Mario Sperry in Mundial

In the Mundial, Leonardo competed against Ze Mario Sperry of the Brazilian Top Team. Ze Mario was a tough competitor for Leonardo. Ze Mario is a BJJ Black Belt under the legend Carlson Gracie. Leonardo won the championship against Ze Mario and also won a Gold medal.

3.5. Brazilian Nationals Champion

Leonardo won the Brazilian Nationals Championship in 2009. He was competing in Judo at the same time.

4. Leonardo Leite’s MMA Career

4.1. Leonardo Leite’s MMA Debut

Leonardo made his MMA Debut in 2013. Leonardo competed against Alessandro Macedo in the Fight Against Crack MMA event. Leonardo won the fight via Rear Naked Choke. In 2013, he achieved a clean winning streak of 4-0.

4.2. Legacy Fighting Championship

In 2014, Leonardo moved to the United States to compete in the Legacy Fighting Championship. He won 3 consecutive fights in LFC in the light heavyweight and middleweight divisions.

In 2015 at the Legacy Fighting Championship 39th event, Leonardo competed against Larry Crowe and defeated him via TKO Punches and Knees.

4.3. Bellator MMA

After the success in Legacy Fighting Championship, Leonardo participated in Bellator. Unfortunately, Leonardo lost the first fight against Phil Davis by a unanimous decision. He had an undefeated record before Bellator.

Leonardo Leite, when he came to Bellator, said:

“If I could go back in time, I would have started MMA four years earlier, right after the Beijing Olympics. I had no idea what could happen. I had never trained no-gi before. It was all new to me. Boxing, and Muay Thai, I had never trained in those things before. After what I saw in my first MMA fight I thought to myself, I think I’m at the right place”.

On 13 July 2018 at Bellator 202, Leonardo competed against Chris Honeycutt and again lost the fight via a unanimous decision.

4.4. Suffered from TB and a Leg Injury

Leonardo Leite suffered from tuberculosis and was off the mats for the whole 4 years. He also suffered from a leg injury because of which he had to stay for a longer period in the hospital.

4.5. Returned to MMA for Retirement Bout

After 4 years i.e, in 2022, Leonardo returned to MMA. He came back for his farewell fight at the Legacy Fighting Championship. He was offered a “Retirement Bout” from the Legacy Fighting Championship. His last fight was with Patrick Quadros. He won the fight via a unanimous decision. He then retired from MMA.

5. Leonardo Leite’s Historic Fights

5.1. Leonardo Leite Vs. Alexander Trans

Alexander Trans is a BJJ Black Belt under Leonardo Vieira. Alexander was way more active than Leonardo at the start of the match. Leonardo was able to take him down easily as he had really strong gi grips. Leonardo tried to submit Alexander but he escaped. In the end, Leonardo won the fight by securing 2 points against Alexander Trans.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2012 IBJJF World Championship Alexander Trans Win Pts:2x0 Semi Final Over 100 Kg Vienna, Austria

5.2. Leonardo Leite Vs. Patrick Quadros

Patrick Quadros is a Pro MMA fighter. Being a young MMA fighter, Partick was fighting offensively. He was throwing kicks and punches at Leonardo, while Leonardo being a calm fighter, was understanding his fighting style of Patrick. Later on, Leonardo threw punches at Patrick and could not handle that. Patrick became tired in Round 3, where Leonardo easily took him down. At last, Leonardo won the fight via a unanimous decision. It was his farewell bout.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2022 Legacy Fighting Championship 132 Patrick Quadros Win Unanimous Decision R3 Light Heavyweight USA

5.3. Leonardo Leite Vs. Ze Mario Sperry

Jose Mario Sperry, aka Ze Mario Sperry, is a BJJ Black Belt. The fight between Leonardo and Jose was an intense one. It was the time when Leonardo became Black Belt. He was extremely conscious of the fight as he was fighting against Jose. Leg locks by Leonardo kept Jose in a fixed place. It allowed Leonardo to easily apply his techniques. Eventually, Leonardo won the fight by securing 4 points against Jose Mario Sperry.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
1999 IBJJF World Championship (Mundial) Ze Mario Sperry Win Pts: 4x0 Final 100 Kg Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

6. Leonardo Leite - 5th-Degree BJJ Black Belt

After achieving the 4th-degree BJJ Black Belt rank in 2018, Leonardo Leite became the Master 3 Ultra-Heavy Brasileiro Champion as a 5th-degree BJJ Black Belt.

7. Leonardo Leite’s BJJ Championships

Brazilian Championships

  • 8 Times Brazilian Champion
  • 2 Times World Cup Champion
  • Secured 2nd position in Jiu-Jitsu World Championship (6 Times)
  • 4 Times World Champion
  • Heavyweight South American Champion

8. Leonardo Leite’s Judo Championships

Judo Championships

  • 3 Times Pan American Champion
  • 2nd Position in the Judo World Cup Championship (2 Times)
  • 3rd Position in Judo World Cup Champion
  • Lead Brazilian Olympic Team 2008-2012

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Continental Championships 2 4 1
World Cups / Continental Open 1 3 2
International Tournaments 1 5 1
National Championships Seniors 1 1 2

9. Leonardo Leite’s Main Achievements (Gi)

Year Event Weight Class Position
1999 IBJJF World Championship Absolute 1st
2000 IBJJF World Championship Absolute 1st
2000 CBJJ Brazilian National Championship Absolute 1st
2009 CBJJ Brazilian National Championship Absolute 1st
2003 IBJJF World Championship Absolute 2nd
2006 IBJJF World Championship Absolute 2nd
2008 IBJJF World Championship Absolute 2nd

10. Leonardo Leite’s BJJ Professional Record Breakdown

33 Matches 20 Wins 13 Losses
By Submissions 4 6
By Points 14 6
By Advantages 1 0
By Decision 1 1

10.1. Submission W/L Methods

Submission Method 4 Wins 6 Losses
Choke 1 1
Submission 1 0
Armbar 1 3
Rear Naked Choke 1 0
Cross Choke 0 1
Choke from Back 0 1

11. Leonardo Leite’s BJJ Fight History

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Weight Class Stage
1999 IBJJF World Championship Ze Mario Sperry W Pts: 4x0 100 Kg F
2000 IBJJF World Championship Fernando Margarida L Pts: 9x2 ABS SF
2000 IBJJF World Championship Aurelio Fernandes W Points Over 100 Kg F
2003 IBJJF World Championship Ronald Bauer W Points Over 100 Kg R1
2003 IBJJF World Championship Francisco Fernandes W N/A Over 100 Kg 4F
2003 IBJJF World Championship Marcio Corleta W Pts: 4x2 Over 100 Kg SF
2003 IBJJF World Championship Fabricio Werdum L Points Over 100 Kg F
2003 World Cup Aurelio Fernandes W Pts: 2x0 Over 100 Kg SF
2003 World Cup Fabricio Werdum W N/A Over 100 Kg F
2004 Team Nationals Marco Vilela W Armbar Over 88 Kg F
2005 World Cup Adriano Pires W Points Over 100 Kg SF
2005 World Cup Gabriel Napao W Pts: 4x0 Over 100 Kg F
2006 IBJJF World Championship Mauro Jorge W Submission Over 100 Kg 4F
2006 IBJJF World Championship Lucio Rodrigues W Rear Naked Choke Over 100 Kg SF
2006 IBJJF World Championship Gabriel Gonzaga L Pts: 4x0 Over 100 Kg F
2008 IBJJF World Championship Asa Fuller W Choke Over 100 Kg R1
2008 IBJJF World Championship Roger Gracie L Cross choke Over 100 Kg F
2008 Capital Challenge Charles Cachoeira L Points Over 99 Kg SF
2008 Capital Challenge Fabricio Werdum W Points Over 99 Kg 3PLC
2008 Capital Challenge Braulio Estima L Points ABS F
2009 Abu Dhabi Combat Club Trials Leo Chocolate L Referee Decision 99 Kg SF
2012 Brasileiro Thiago Gaia L Choke Over 100 Kg SF
2012 IBJJF World Championship Unknown W N/A Over 100 Kg R2
2012 IBJJF World Championship Ricardo Evangelista W Pts: 2x2, Adv Over 100 Kg 4F
2012 IBJJF World Championship Alexander Trans W Pts: 2x0 Over 100 Kg SF
2012 IBJJF World Championship Marcus Almeida L Armbar Over 100 Kg F
2013 Copa Podio Rodolfo Vieira L Armbar 94 Kg SPF
2013 IBJJF World Championship Anderson Lima W N/A ABS RDS
2013 IBJJF World Championship DJ Jackson W Points ABS RDS
2013 IBJJF World Championship Andre Galvao W Referee Decision ABS 4F
2013 IBJJF World Championship Rodolfo Vieira L Armbar ABS SF
2013 IBJJF World Championship Joao Rocha L Choke from Back 100 Kg 4F
2013 Copa Podio Rodolfo Vieira L Pts: 14x2 ABS SPF

12. Leonardo Leite’s MMA Professional Record Breakdown

13 Matches 11 Wins 2 Losses
By Knockout 2 0
By Submission 4 0
By Decision 5 2

13. Leonardo Leite’s MMA Fight History

Date Event Opponent W/L/D Method Location Time Round
13 May, 2022 Legacy Fighting Championship 132 Patrick Quadros W Unanimous Decision Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 5:00 3
13 July, 2018 Bellator 202 Chris Honeycutt L Unanimous Decision Thackerville, Oklahoma, United States 5:00 3
03 Nov, 2017 Bellator 186 Phil Davis L Unanimous Decision University Park, Pennsylvania, United States 5:00 3
04 Nov, 2016 Fight 2 Night 1 Moise Rimbon W Majority Decision Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 5:00 3
03 Sept, 2016 Iron FC 10: POP Julio Juarez W Rear Naked Choke Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2:23 1
10 June, 2016 Final Fight Championship 25 Matt Masterson W TKO Punches Springfield, Massachusetts, USA 1:13 3
13 Nov, 2015 Legacy Fighting Championship 48 Ryan Spann W Unanimous Decision Lake Charles, Louisiana USA 5:00 5
27 Feb, 2015 Legacy Fighting Championship 39 Larry Crowe W TKO Knee and Punches Houston, Texas USA 2:19 2
26 Sept, 2014 Legacy Fighting Championship 35 Myron Dennis W Rear Naked Choke Tulsa, Oklahoma USA 4:50 4
07 June, 2014 BC: Bitetti Combat 20 Elias Mendonca W Rear Naked Choke Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1:07 1
01 Nov, 2013 WOCS: Watch Out Combat Show 31 Fabio Marongiu W Unanimous Decision Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 5:00 3
06 Sept, 2013 BC: Bitetti Combat 17 Diosman Nery de Jesus W Unanimous Decision Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 5:00 3
23 June, 2013 Fight Against Crack Alessandro Macedo W Rear Naked Choke Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3:25 1

14. Leonardo Leite’s Top Fights

Leonardo Leite vs Gabriel Gonzaga Brasileiro Equipes 1999

Leonardo Leite RG Tourny 10/24/09 Gi Fight 1

Leonardo Leite x Paulo Ricardo by X-COMBAT

OLD SCHOOL BJJ MATCH: Leonardo Leite VS Mario Sperry Mundials 1999 IBJJF World Championship

Photo Credit: @leoleiterj

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