Surprising Benefits of Boxing for Women

Surprising Benefits of Boxing for Women

Boxing is often seen as a man’s sport for its aggressive and combative nature. However, a large number of women are seen entering the ring and competing.

The reason behind this fact is that boxing is not only an exciting sport, rather that there is a long list of the benefits of boxing for women.

Women are always obsessed with looking slim and at their best. For this reason, they have been trying a variety of exercises in addition to starving diet plans.

Boxing has become a rising trend for women because it’s not only highly effective for physical conditioning but also has psychological benefits.

Why women should learn boxing?

Despite the rising number of women seen in the ring, some are still skeptical about picking up gloves.

However, there is a lot to gain from the sport of boxing. Here is a list of benefits to motivate all the women out there to train for boxing

Easy to Develop Passion

Yeah, you are right, it’s very tiring and boring to run on a treadmill for prolonged periods. Similarly getting into weight training can also become unexciting if you are working out daily.

Boxing is an exciting sport. The euphoric feeling you get when your punches hit on the punching bag cannot be explained in words.

It’s easier to develop a passion for boxing as compared to other sports. There is no doubt that if you have a passion for something you can easily put your blood and sweat into it.

It’s not necessary that you train for competing in boxing championships, there are different things that you can try out in boxing.

Some women ought to think that boxing is not their type of sport because they have nothing to do with violence.

Boxing can never be related to violence. The professional boxers you see on screen, spar using their skills and experience keeping aside the emotions.

Researches have highlighted that boxing is great for diverting the mind of young people from criminal activities.

If you are into boxing, over time it becomes a lifestyle for you. As you will yourself in a better state mentally and physically, you will develop a passion for boxing easily.

The fun factor is very important for exercise. If you are having fun while you work out then it predicts you will stick to it for a long time.

Great Effects on Body

Boxing can have a vast range of positive changes on your body. If you are struggling for having a flat belly to wear those cropped t-shirts,

Or if you want to build a perfect beach body for the next summer season. Then boxing is the best option for all your wishes.

Women are often worried that strength training can make them look bulky like males. Well, it’s a common myth and you shouldn’t believe that.

Boxing won’t make you look massive and manly in fact; it is great for toning your muscles and giving them a defined look.

So, whether you are working on your punching techniques or practicing compound movements, boxing can effectively help you in sculpting muscles.

Works on Abs

Women always ask fitness experts for tips on having a flat stomach. The simple answer for that is boxing.

During a sparring session or just while hitting the punching bag, your core muscles are engaged effectively.

The plus point is that in boxing, you can engage lower abs, upper abs, and obliques all in one go.

If doing hundreds of crunches and cardio exercises could not flatten up your belly, then it’s time to try out boxing for achieving those dream abs.

Toning Legs

The lower part of body is as important as the upper body. Unfortunately, while working out we don’t focus on the development of legs.

In the words of some professional athletes and fashion models, you should train your legs at least twice a week.

The structure of the body only looks appealing when your legs complement your upper body.

With boxing, you can train your legs easily and get faster results. While boxing, you continuously bounce on your feet if not even kicking.

Due to this repetitive bouncing, your legs muscles are continuously engaged due to which they develop in less time.

You can imagine that how efficiently your glutes, hamstrings, and calves will be worked when you practice kicks on a punching bag.

Improve Strength and Stamin

Do you suffer from the problem of low stamina

Then there is nothing more beneficial for you than boxing. Boxing strengthens your muscles so you can perform any hard tasks without the risk of injury

As boxing requires fast movements, it puts your breathing and heart rate at an elevated level. Gradually this helps you in building stamina and endurance.

This type of workout can increase your blood circulation, which in turn increases your heart and lung capacity.

Builds Confidenc

Boxing is an individual sport; it helps you in building a strong relationship between yourself and your body.

In boxing, your performance is totally dependent on you. There are no teammates on who you can rely upon if you are confident with yourself.

This will help in building self-belief that I am capable of doing anything. When you hold yourself accountable for actions, you build confidence.

Your confidence will automatically get a boost when you are in a good condition physically. Boxing teaches you that how you can keep your hopes and spirits high.

Carrying yourself with confidence helps you in all walks of life. With high confidence, you can adapt to changes easily and gain benefits from whatever circumstances life puts you in.

Full-Body Workou

Specifically targeting different muscles in the body can be a tough task. If you are into weight training, you can realize this issue.

Imagine combining squats, pushups, jumping, crunches, and push-ups in one session, yeah! It will be very long and tiring.

But when you are boxing, you are automatically performing all these exercises in one go.

Boxing requires high amounts of strength from your whole body. There are a variety of boxing drills in which different muscle groups are being used at the same time.

Effectively Burns Fat than Other Exercises

As we discussed that boxing comprises compound movements, due to this it burns more fat from the body than any other exercise.

So, ladies, we know that you love to attain a smart physique without compromising your health, and for this boxing is the ultimate solution.

With boxing, you can have the combined benefits of burning fat and building muscle. In less than a month you will start seeing results to motivate you.

You don’t even have to stick with a very strict diet plan to lose fat when boxing. If you just stay away from fast food and sugars, you can burn fat easily.

According to MicroStrategy, a 150-pound person burns somewhere between 200-400 calories through weight training in an hour.

But the same person can burn more than 600 calories through a session of boxing at the same time.

Don’t lose hope if those starving diet plans didn’t work for you in burning fat. Try out boxing for burning fat fast and effectively.

Learn Self Defense Skills

Self Defense has become important for women than ever before. Self-defense teaches you a lot more than just knowing how to defend yourself.

It gives you the courage to discover the world and try out new experiences without any fear.

Imagine if a guy thinks of attacking you for stealing your purse, but then he gets his butt kicked in the middle of the street.

Self-defense is not a skill that only benefits you in the time of need, self-defense gives you confidence.

Nothing can be more empowering for a woman than having confidence in yourself, that you can get out of any dangerous situation.

There is no doubt that self-defense is a great benefit of boxing for women.

Mental Benefits

We hear every day that exercises release stress and are beneficial for psychological well-being.

But even after you exercise you don’t feel any immediate relief from the built-up stress in your mind.

There could be different reasons for it, you might not be loving the workout you are doing or it could be ineffective.

Well, boxing has some great mental benefits and immediately kicks out stress from your mind.

Boxing requires maintaining full focus. You won’t ever find your mind wandering somewhere else while you are boxing, so you can just forget about the problems going on in life while boxing.

Women often tend to internalize negative feelings and frustrations. It’s important to let out this emotional stress.

If these negative feelings stay in your mind for a long time it can lead to depression and other psychological problems.

Boxing is the best sport for letting out these emotions. Endorphins are released while boxing, these are the hormones that help to fight anxiety. 

Making New Friends

The boxing classes are held in groups. Women find it hard to make friends who share common interests.

When you join boxing classes, you will find a lot of like-minded people. Having friends with the same passion helps you in learning fast and being motivated.

It’s the same as having a gym buddy, when you make new friends, you can keep yourself motivated in doing your best.


All over the world women are practicing boxing. The reason for this rising trend is the great physical, psychological and social benefits.

From getting a toned body to improving cardiovascular fitness and good mental health, boxing has a key role.

If you are nervous or skeptical about enrolling yourself in a boxing club, don’t worry because you can even start learning from home.

And if you are not sure whether you have a passion for boxing or will you able to keep it up as a hobby, then don’t think and just give it a try.

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