Chael Sonnen Detained For 5 Counts of Battery at Four Seasons Las Vegas

Chael Sonnen Detained For 5 Counts of Battery at Four Seasons Las Vegas

As per TMZ’s released footage, Chael Sonnen can be seen being detained by the Las Vegas police after an altercation that occurred at the Four Seasons Hotel on December 19. Sonnen was hit with 5 battery citations and has refused to release a statement following the brawl.

According to eyewitnesses, Sonnen was seen banging on a room door around 7 pm local time. After a while, a couple happened to walk by and that’s when the witnesses say a physical altercation erupted. Sonnen was seen getting the better of the man before the woman started screaming, resulting in the authorities arriving on the scene, handcuffing Chael Sonnen and escorting him out of the premises.

Jon Jones, who was recently acquitted by the court and had his charges of alleged domestic violence dropped, commented on the story as shown in the following tweets:

Chael Sonnen, the host of the YouTube channel, Bad Guy Inc. has all eyes and ears turned on him patiently waiting for the American Gangster to reveal the reasons and events surrounding the incident.

Photo credit: bjjee

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