A Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips to Learn Boxing Quickly

A Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips to Learn Boxing Quickly

Although boxing is a brutal sport, there will be a definite reason behind calling it sweet science, for sure. Apart from its history, boxing has revolutionized a lot. Though techniques become formalized and there is no room left for freestyling in today’s boxing.

However, in the last few decades, boxing has grown so much and become a popular martial art. Though it has an enormous fan following, every guy out there desires to try boxing at least once in his life.

Boxing is one of the simple and most accessible sports, like other martial arts disciplines that anyone can learn. Beginners can step into the boxing gym and learn all the basic boxing techniques on the very first day.

Nonetheless, mastering the basics and advancing through training requires extra dedication and focus. The process of assimilation is different for everyone. People learn at their own pace, some are quick learners and absorb the concept quickly. Whereas, some take a little longer to grasp that same particular concept.

However, the more you put into your boxing training, the better you will understand the techniques. Following that, if you are a beginner and are planning to take up boxing soon. We have listed down 10 tips to help you learn boxing quickly and to make your journey fruitful.  

1. Boxing Fundamentals for Beginners

Whatever the field of life we talk about, everyone knows a b foundation never lets anything fall. When we talk about boxing, the fundamentals of boxing are the base of every boxer that never let him down in the ring.

However, boxing fundamentals are easy to acquire, even a beginner can learn all basic punches on the first day of training, but that’s not perfection. Boxing fundamentals are crucial to master for beginners, then gradually step up to the combinations and become an unbeatable boxer.

There are four fundamental punches in boxing:

  • Jab 
  • Cross
  • Hook
  • Uppercut

Learn how to throw punches with the proper form. Commence with the simple punches, like jabs and then crosses and so on. Once you get hold of all the fundamental punches you may approach the punching combinations.

2. Shadowboxing

Most beginners neglect shadow boxing and do not focus on it. Though, shadow boxing is one of the best boxing workouts to take your skills to the next level.

However, either you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, shadow boxing is an important tool in training for all.

Shadowboxing has many significant benefits for practitioners. First and foremost, it builds up your form and execution, by allowing you to perform a swarm of techniques in front of a mirror. Secondly, it enhances your speed and fighting techniques, while also developing your spatial awareness.

Last but not the least, shadow boxing workouts accustom you to the unique pace of boxing. Moreover, it teaches you how to move properly before you take your first step in the boxing ring.

3.    Train Day-to-Day

Practice makes the man perfect, and it fits perfectly in the case of boxing. The more you train the more your skills get polished. Training every day or at least six times per week is ideal, especially when you are just starting.

As a beginner in this sport, you want to submerge yourself as often as possible. Of course, the more you train, the better you will get at boxing techniques, and the faster you will improve as a boxer.

Boxing is not just a sport, it is a lifelong commitment, so you have to be ready and willing to dedicate much of your time to training. Train every day and incorporate it as a part of your daily life, and entrenched in your lifestyle.

4.    Always Listen to Your Coach

Coaches and trainers are not there just to introduce you to the techniques, they are the best observers as well. You can’t observe your body movements and punching strikes all by yourself. You need someone to stand by and look at you while training and infiltrate your techniques with flaws.

Most beginners begin to grow more confident in their abilities, and it becomes very easy to think you can do it all by yourself. Don’t fall into the habit of ignoring your coaches and trainers, they are there for a reason.

Admittedly, they are more experienced than you. For that reason, they are known about all the mistakes beginners make during their training because they have observed it a lot of times.

Make it a habit to always listen to your coach. They can see things in your stance and form, notice bad habits you may be developing unknowingly. Moreover, they understand every moment you make.

Always listen when they instruct you and implement their instructions. They are there to steer you in the right direction, otherwise, you may have deviated from the correct path.

5.    Pay Full Attention in Class

Furthermore, it also becomes easy when the point comes and you start thinking of yourself as a fully trained person. You start to take the class for granted once you think you have a firm hold on the basics.

This is utterly erroneous. Do not allow yourself to become overconfident to the point where you feel conceited to participate in class, especially with students of a lower level.

Remember that boxing is a lifelong journey. People spend years training in this discipline and have yet to master it. You learn something new every day, still, some things remain to comprehend.

Whenever you feel that you have grasped all, pay good attention and you might find a new skill that you may have missed before. If you are looking to escalate your skills, tell your instructors. They know how to make certain drills more demanding for you.

6.    Do not Skip Conditioning

Conditioning plays a vital role in boxing and integrating a lot of workouts to improve your conditioning overall. Workouts like jogging and running, agility ladder and light-resistant training, and even jumping rope, all play an important role in your overall boxing regimen.

Being in great physical condition is a necessity of being a boxer. The more physically fit you are, the more capable you are of performing certain movements. You will become faster and more powerful after integrating conditioning exercises for boxing in your training. Moreover, you can push your limits to go further in training.

Muddle up all this to make you a better boxer and fighter. So, don’t skip the overall body conditioning, even when it’s so intriguing. 

7.    Make Friends in the Gym

Do you know what can make a world of difference? A solid support system. A trustworthy person that will uplift you when you’re down and motivate you when you don’t feel like moving at all.

People often think that boxing is a solo journey. Working out alone in the dark places and musky gym, that reel life not real life. Whereas, boxing is a team sport.

Everyone, from your trainers and coaches to your sparring partner, all are part of your team and help you to become a better boxer.

Do not step back to make friends in the gym and always give respect to all your team members.  

8.    Gather the Knowledge from Existing Content

What are the other ways to learn boxing quickly? This question might arise in your mind every time you are leaving the gym. Well, consuming loads of boxing content is one of the best ways to learn boxing quickly.

Become a fan of the sport and start searching content on the internet related to boxing. You’ll assuredly find tons of relevant material regarding boxing. From basic punches to advanced techniques, everything is available on the internet. Fight breakdowns allow you to better understand the boxing techniques in a given fight.

However, the fastest way to learn how to box is to make it a part of your personality.

9.    Study Boxing History

Boxing is an ancient combat sport that has existed for decades. There have been many incredible fights spread throughout boxing.

From Mike Tyson’s heavyweight exploits, Roy Jones Jr.’s incredible prime years, Manny Pacquiao’s epic rivalries with Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, and Juan Manuel Marquez, to the next generation of fighters like Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, boxing has a very rich history with loads of fights you can study. 

You are not the historian here, so do not get into the deep information. Though, find out the legends and learn from them by following their styles.

10. Follow the Legends

Follow the legends, it will help you a lot. Especially, in finding your boxing style and learning new techniques and combinations. Try to emulate the legends, you should learn how Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s shoulder roll works and how Muhammad Ali’s throw a flicker jab. Add these things to your arsenal, that will help you to learn boxing quickly and masterly.

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