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Potapong Saengchan


Full Name Potapong Saengchan
Nick Name No Gud
Class Muay Thai
Weight 145 lbs
Height 6'
Association Santa Teresa Jiu-Jitsu


Potapong Saengchan is Muay Thai Fighter, He is son of Saekson Janjira 6x World Champion Muay Thai fighter & Kickboxing Hall of Famer. He was born in Sylmar, California March 9th 1993 but raised in Dallas, Tx around the age of 6 or 7 years old. He was born in the Muay Thai Community. Watching, meeting & training with some of the best stand up fighters around.

He started his training at the age of 6, but he was always off & on about it. When he did do Muay Thai fights it was at, 135 lbs. he has taken 4+ years off from pursuing that as a dream because he was in it for the wrong reasons and started looking at other possible routes to explore in life. About a year ago he lost his best friend Pro Fighter, JP Cole. They grew up training together & always had dreams they wanted to reach but never did. As usual they let things in life get in the way.

He wanted him to fight MMA & open a gym together where they both fight, teach & train/coach fighters to pass on to the next generation as their career on top of other career decisions. After he passed away he wanted him to live through him & make his dreams come true. Since then he slowly started putting his focus into teaching & passing on the knowledge.

Now, He is a full fledge coach w/ great fighters & is slowly getting himself back in the gym. In 2018 he will be making his Pro MMA Debut at 145lbs and opening our Janjira Muay Thai Gym. So, stay tuned!

Potapong Saengchan says, My advice for new people that want to become a fighter, understand that Muay Thai is not a rich sport. It's still in growth and development & all the real fighters that put in many years making it a career knows that. That’s also why we have such a beautiful fight community. Were all 1 big family because we all share this common interest. We don't fight just for money, we fight because we love the art and the beauty of the sport. Plus seeing your hard work pay off & getting your hand risen in front of all your loved ones!

Q&A Session Between Potapong Saengchan and Elite Sports

Question: What will you suggest to the newcomers?

Answer:: I would tell newcomers, joining the Muay Thai community is life changing. You’ll me so many great people & everyone has that love when you tell them you train because it’s still not a popular sport. If people want to become a fighter, I suggest you find your reasoning. If it's to become rich, go to MMA. Muay Thai is still a poor sport, people that fight. Fight for passion & the love of the sport.

Question: What does it mean for you to be a fighter?

Answer:: Being a fighter to me is a lifestyle decision.

Question: What are the essential things for the training?

Answer:: Honestly with my coach being an authentic Thai coach. If were not hard sparring all I need is my pad hitting gloves (12-14oz). Sparring I need 16oz gloves, shin guards, head gear, & a mouth piece.

Question: What separates you from every other fighter in your division?

Answer:: What separates me is, I'm tall for my weight class.

Question: What is the meaning of success in your mind?

Answer:: My meaning of success is living a free lifestyle, you are your own boss. No such thing as getting fired. Your hustle depends on you, so all consequences are on you.

Question: With whom you would like to fight, and why?

Answer:: The person I use to want to fight would be Kevin Ross because he's a fighter with so much heart & fights because he see’s the art in Muay Thai. Not just for money. I don't have a need to fight him anymore because I actually know him now. To me fighting someone was the best way I learn about people without having to exchange words.

Question: Is there any difference b/w your common days’ diet and during competition training diet?

Answer:: There's a giant difference, in what I eat when, I'm just training & when, I'm in fighters camp.

Question: How does a beginner will prepare for the competition? Any advice for beginners?

Answer:: For new people to prepare for a fight, 30 Days No Smoking, No Drinking, No Sex. Run 3 miles or 30 Mins nonstop every day on top of training.

Question: How is it helpful to have the information about your competitor?

Answer:: The information on your opponent only depends on the type of fighter you are. Some people only want to know orthodox or southpaw and that's it.

Question: Is the martial arts necessary for a common person? How?

Answer:: Muay Thai is what I recommend everyone in the world to try. Great self-defense, & amazing way to get in shape

Question: How do martial arts help to build a leader?

Answer:: Muay Thai gives you confidence. A key to being a leader

Question: What would be your dream fight?

Answer:: Thats a hard one. My best friend, a fighter I truly look up too. Chidi Njokuani VS Anderson Silva in his prime. OR a Legendary Fight for me to see Saekson Janjira & samart payakaroon both in their prime sitting front row!

Question: How is the road plan necessary for any competition?

Answer:: My Road plan is simple stay humble, & be in the gym. I want to spend more hours training than I do anything else.

Question: Do you have any advice for your competitors?

Answer:: Advice for my competitors, just train hard & have fun. It's never about winning or losing, even though winning feels better.

Question: How much importance has the sports gear in any competition?

Answer:: The gear is important but when you focused it doesn't matter because that's not what you're thinking about.

Question: What should we learn from the legends /or from the seniors? Who is your inspiration?

Answer:: Learn from Saekson Janjira, that's my inspiration. Every time i see him fight or even train I feel like i'm always learning something completely new. He has those small details you can’t just teach.

Question: To whom you would like to compliment for your success?

Answer:: I want to compliment Saekson Janjira and all the OG Janjiras for my success that’s such a group of talented fighters. You can't imagine better partners.

Question: Who is your favorite legendary fighter? Why?

Answer:: Saekson Janjira, why because he’s an 8x world champion Muay Thai Fighter, and in the Kick Boxing Hall of Fame for it. Plus, he’s my dad. 2nd would be smart payakaroon one of the most know Thai Fighters in Thailand. There isn't a Thai Person that doesn't know him. Also, he’s the guy that beat my dad, and he's my God Uncle.