Team Elite MMA Fighter Brendan Smith

Brendan Smith


Full Name Brendan Smith
Class Super Lightweight/ Welterweight
Weight 180cmg
Height 5’4’
Association Black Dragon Kai/ Fight Club JJ


- Blue belt 1 Strip in MMA.
- Brown Belt in MMA
- Purple arm band in Muay Thai.
- 2017 QMMAC #1 ranked blue belt masters No-Gi.
- 2017 AFMMA #2 ranked blue belt masters No-Gi.
- MMA record currently 1-2 hopefully another MMA fight in November


rendan “Juicy” Smith is based in South East Queensland Australia. He is married with 3 kids. 2 of his kids have followed in his foot steps and have started training in MMA and Muay Thai. He is 34 years old and trains out of Black Dragon Kai/Fight Club Jiu Jitsu. He was a late starter not starting in Martial arts until he was 28yrs old. He started with MMA and than progressed through to MMA and many others. Brendan currently has a 1-2 amateur MMA record. And is the 2017 QBJC #1 ranked Master Blue Belt No-Gi champion and 2018 is looking positive as well sitting in #1 spot again with only 2 comps to go for the year.

Q&A Session Between Brendan Smith Lopez and Elite Sports

Question:What inspires you about No_Gi?

Answer:No-Gi Jiu Jitsu inspires me in that no matter how long you have been training for you’ll  Continue to learn and the passion people have

Question:Who inspires you, past or present? Why do they inspire you?

Answer: My training partners. As everyone is different they continue to come to training and put in 100% effort to punch themselves and myself. .

Question: What are your goals for this year? Next 3 years? Next 5 years?

Answer: My goal this is to finish #1 on the QMMAC Masters Blue Belt No-Gi and top 3 for Australia. I’d like to have more MMA and maybe some Muay Thai fights within the next 3 yrs. And within 5yrs I’d like to spend more time helping training the next generation of our club fighters.

Question:How long have you been training?

Answer: I start train over 6 years ago but took a little time off due to some major medical conditions.

Question: How often do you train?

Answer: I’m currently training 4-5 days a week at the dojo and 3-4 days out side doing extra training.

Question:Do you have a go-to finishing move?

Answer: I do but depending on my opponent and the situation will depend on what happens.

Question: What do you think it takes to be a champion in your sports?

Answer: Heart, Dedication and the ability to listen to others and do as your trainers ask of you.

Question:What sort of gear do you usually keep in your gym bag before hitting the gym? Do you have different items for specific days?

Answer: Currently in my gym bag I’ll have a pair of 16oz boxing gloves, 2x bag mitts, a pair of 16oz grappling gloves, 2x10oz grappling gloves, a pair of 4oz MMA fight glove, Fight box, hand wraps, 2 skipping ropes, shin pads, mouth guard, spare training clothes,rehydration tablets and wrestling boots..

Question: How much importance has the sports gear in any competition?

Answer:When you look good, you feel good. By having the proper sports Gear that fits well, is comfortable and looks good you feel confident about yourself.

Question:What will you suggest to the newcomers?

Answer: Listen to what you are being told, ask questions and leave your ego at the door when your ente.

Question:What does it mean for you to be a fighter?

Answer: It means a lot to represent my family, my gym and myself. Showing people that fighting is like life. It’s hard, sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose but as long as you give 100% you’ll be ok

Question:What are the essential things for the training?

Answer: Diet, hydration and listening. Well defined goals and the focus to learn.

Question:What separates you from every other fighters?

Answer: My heart and determination to never give up.

Question:What is the meaning of success in your mind?

Answer: Being in a difficult situation but knowing that the training I’ve done will help me through.

Question:With whom you would like to fight, and why?

Answer: I don’t have anyone particular I’d like to fight. Who ever I get matched with is the person I want to fight at that time.

Question:Is there any difference b/w your common days’ diet and during competition training diet?

Answer: Yes. Depending on the weight I’m fighting at. I walk around at between 78-80kg and I complete anywhere from 70kg-85kg. So depending on the event will depend on the type of diet

Question:How does a beginner will prepare for the competition? Any advice for beginners?

Answer: Train hard, ask questions and when you do complete try to relax, don’t don anything you normally do and listen to your corner

Question:How is it helpful to have the information about your competitor?

Answer: To a point it’s good. But for me I have my training camps and work on the things I need to improve. The main thing is to be able to adapt to what’s happening when it happens ..

Question:Is the martial arts necessary for a common person? How?

Answer: Depending on what they want to achieve. I train with a mix of different people. People who are currently fighting, hoping to fight, people who are trying to get fitter and boost their confidence and others who like it due to the social side..