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Samantha Cornejo


Full Name Samantha Cornejo
Nick Name The Prodigy
Class Advanced
Weight 65 lbs
Rank Blue Belt
Height 4'2”
Association World Champion Karate


Samantha Cornejo is 7 years old. She is a World Champion Karate student under Sensei Raymond Daniels and Sensei Steven Horst. Samantha specializes in Weapons (Kamas & Bo Staff) and Korean/Japanese Forms (Katas). Sammy won her 1st Tournament for her divisions in Weapons and Sparring on December 10, 2017 against an advanced Brown Belt @ the age of 7.

Sammy's Nick Name is "Prodigy". Samantha Loves competition and enters 1 K races, Runs Daily and does her Private Karate Training with Sensei Horst, Sensei Jack Felton and Sensei Butch Togisala. Sammy recently competed at Compete International Martial Arts Championship and The Proper Challenge. This is tournament season and Sammy will be competing in no less then 10 Tournaments for 2017.