Team Elite Bjj Fighter Syruss Flores Elite Sports

Syruss Flores


Full Name Syruss Flores
Class 80 – 89lbs
Rank Yellow
Height 4'10"
Association Checkmat Murrieta


My name is Syruss Domingo Flores born February 14, 2007. I have been training with Ricardo Feliciano for 5 years. I am a yellow belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Besides Jiu-Jitsu, I also do wresting to help improve my take downs. I also play club soccer. When I'm not training I like to relax, hanging out with my family, playing with my friends, or on my phone. My parents motivate me to push harder, to not give up and to do good in school. ...

Q&A Session Between Austin Stephens and Elite Sports

Question: What inspires you about BJJ? MMA?

Answer: What inspires me is how much you have to think ahead in order to submit or opponents. Like the game of chess. Always two steps ahead...

Question: Who inspires you, past or present? Why do they inspire you?

Answer: My professor Pantcho, Because he pushes through the pain for competition and is able to teach us in class. He also inspires me because he used BJJ to better his and his family's life. ..

Question: What are your goals for this year? Next 3 years? Next 5 years?

Answer: My goal this year is to improve my juijitsu and get 1st place in every tournament I compete in. In 5 years I plan on going to Brazil and train.

Question: How long have you been training?

Answer: 5Years.

Question: How often do you train?

Answer:3x a week. 

Question: Do you have a go-to finishing move?

Answer: Armbar

Question: What do you think it takes to become a champion in your sport?

Answer: Train, hard work, never give up and always Improve.

Question: What sort of gear do you usually keep in your gym bag before hitting the gym? Do you have different items for specific days?

Answer:, I usually have BJJ Gi , wrestling shoes, socks, knee pads, defense soap wipes, mouth guard and a clean change of clothes...