Team Elite Bjj Fighter Pedro lahnke de Oliveria Crixel Elite Sports

Pedro Iahnke De Oliveira Crixel


Full Name Pedro Iahnke De Oliveira Crixel
Nick Name Seu Hélio
Class Medium Weight
Weight 154 lbs
Rank Purple Belt
Height 5’7"
Association Cicero Costha


My name is Pedro Crixel, I'm 28 years old and my professors are Pedro Marocco and Cicero Costha. I've been training for 5 years and a half. My main titles are world champion IBJJF 2013, No-GI world champion IBJJF 2014 and Pan Ams Champions IBJJF 2015. Also got second place at worlds IBJJF in 2014 and third place at worlds IBJJF in 2016.

Q&A Session Between Iahnke de Oliveira and Elite Sports

Question: What are your goals for this year? Next 3 years? Next 5?

Answer: This year my main goal is the no GI world championship. Develop my jiu jitsu with GI too as much as possible. For the next years, I visualize the world title as a black belt GI and No-GI IBJJF and ADCC. I don't dream about winning, my biggest dream is to win being dominant and representing something. I want to convince myself that, I was truly better than my opponents. I think it’s possible.

Question: What do you think it takes to be a champion in your sport?

Answer: I think you have to be very persistent, resilient and have self-abnegation during your walking. But you must love it other way it becomes heavy, and in my opinion, you win when you happy, so you have to learn enjoying the walking. Embrace the grind. As more you love it and it make sense for you, less fear you have. And during the fight, I think it's 50% jiu jitsu and the others 50% is a balance between faith and doubt. Whoever has more doubts usually lose.

Question: Why do they inspire you?

Answer: I watched lot of competitors already and studied many of them. I usually do that. First, I used to study mendes bros, keenan cornelius, miyaos and leandro lo. They formed my way to fight. After wacthed a lot of gui mendes passing. Last 1 year to now I've been studying marcio andré, lucas lepri, roger gracie and kron gracie. Someone who inspired and teach me a lot was paulo and joao miyao. I had the chance of living with them about 6 months in NY and it was amazing. I consider them my professors too and brothers.

Question: What inspires you about Bjj?

Answer: I like the transformation jiu jitsu forces me to do in my mind and life. The challenge makes you jump out of the comfort zone and soon or later it reconnects you with your faith developing your spirit.

Question: How is the road plan necessary for any competition?

Answer: It gives you guideline about the execution of right move at right time, and how can you benefits the wrong moves of your competitors.

Question: What sort of gear do you usually keep in your gym bag before hitting the gym?

Answer: Always use my Elite GIs, Rashguards and Shorts.

Question: How long have you training jiu jitsu? 5 years half?

Answer: Do you have a go to finishing move? I try all. Nothing in particular