Team Elite Bjj Fighter Matheus Elite Sports

Matheus de Oliveira Batista


Full Name Matheus de Oliveira Batista
Class Adult
Weight 80kg
Rank Brown Belt
Height 1,71m
Association GFTEAM

Accomplishments in BJJ/MMA as Brown Belt:

- Brazilian champion by teams CBJJ.
- Brazilian national bronze CBJJ
- multiple times champion of Open IBJJF .

Q&A Session Between Matheus de Oliveira Batista Lopez and Elite Sports

Question:What will you suggest to newcomers?

Answer:Train a lot and give due importance to the technical training, which is very important for those who want to evolve in Bjj.

QuestionWhat does it mean for you to be a fighter?

Answer: Being a fighter is everything in my life, I dedicate all my time and my energies in trying to be better every day..

Question: What are the essentials for training?

Answer:In training you can not lack focus and a good environment where you can get along with your friends and teachers.

Question:What separates you from all other fighters in your division?

Answer: I believe that I am an athlete who focuses a lot on food and physical training. this helps me a lot in my division, since I am always the lowest kkkk.

Question: What is the meaning of success in your mind?

Answer:Success is you feel happy and accomplished with the things you have conquered and built. A successful man is what feels happy with his career and the place where he arrived.

Question:Who would you like to fight with and why?

Answer: I would love to fight Matheus Lutes. I think he is one of the best in my category and he has a similar style.

Question: Is there any difference between the regular day diet and the competition training diet?

Answer:There is yes, especially when it comes to beating weight. Often to train better we eat more and let our weight rise a little, and in times of competition this extra weight has to be eliminated. So you end up on a more restricted diet, but that's pretty common.

Question:How will a beginner prepare for the competition?

Answer: Any advice for beginners? The beginner has to try to understand that he will always be nervous and anxious. No matter how many times he goes to fight, he will always feel the adrenaline. So just focus and enjoy the moment in the best way, trying to show off your best Jiu Jitsu

Question:How useful is information about your competitor?

Answer:It's important to know your opponents' strengths and weaknesses when it comes to putting together a strategy, but I particularly go in and try to impose my game. I let my adversary worry.