Team Elite Bjj Fighter Marcio Antonio Pires Junior Elite Sports

Marcio Antonio Pires Junior


Full Name Marcio Antonio Pires Junior
Nick Name Alicate Bjj
Class Ultra Heavy
Weight 254 lbs
Rank Brown Belt
Height 5’13"
Association Brea Jiu Jitsu

Q&A Session Between Marcio Antonio Pires Junior and Elite Sports

Question: What will you suggest to newcomers?

Answer: A lot of dedication and a lot of training

Question: What does it mean for you to be a fighter?

Answer: A lifestyle I chose to live

Question: What are the essential things for training?

Answer: Good gym, good teacher, good team.

Question: What separates you from any other fighter in your division?

Answer: My determination and my will to win!

Question: What is the meaning of success in your mind?

Answer: Success is relatively a difficult thing to explain, I just want to succeed by winning all the possible competitions that I dispute

Question: Who would you like to fight with, and why?

Answer: I fight with anyone, but I always want to fight with those who have already won from me, a sort of ordeal for myself

Question: Is there any difference between the diet of your common day and the diet of competition training?

Answer: For me, in the week of some big league I try to feed myself better, that's all.

Question: How will a beginner prepare for the competition?

Answer: He trains a lot and a lot, at the beginning there is not much of an obligation then and much calmer.

Question: Any advice for beginners?

Answer: Tranquility, if you lose train more and more than an hour the victory arrives

Question: How useful is it to have information about your competitor?

Answer: I do not try to know what I'm going to fight with because there are always 3 or 4 fights so it does not matter

Question: Is martial arts necessary for an ordinary person? As?

Answer: Yes, for all people. & It depends on the need of each person.

Question: What moment is memorable for you in your past competitions?

Answer: All defeats are memorable, I never forget a defeat.

Question: How does martial arts help build a leader?

Answer: Strength, courage, honor, determination.

Question: What would be your dream fight?

Answer: Alicate (Brea jiu jitsu) x Luiz Eduardo (Guigo jiu jistu)

Question: How is road planning necessary for any competition?

Answer: Strategy and planning are the keys

Question: Do you have any advice for your competitors?

Answer: Train more and more.

Question: How important is sports equipment in any competition?

Answer: 100% a good material makes all the difference in competitions and training, unfortunately not everyone has access.

Question: What should we learn from legends or idols?

Answer: It depends, I try to learn only the good things.

Question: Who is your inspiration?

Answer: My son .

Question: To whom would you like to greet your success?

Answer: My teacher Lino Cotti Palito

Question: Who is your favorite legendary fighter?

Answer: Roger Gracie