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My name is Jace The Ace Brownlow and I am 11 years old and live in Lakeland Florida. I have been training At Champions MMA under Professor Ross Kellin for almost 4 years. During this time I have been fortunate enough to travel the country competing in multiple Jiu-Jitsu tournaments including Copa AMERICA GRAPPLING, NAGA, BFA, and many others!! I am the current BFA 11-year-old open weight Gi champion! And also have a win on Fight to Win pro!!


Q&A Session Between Jace Brownlow and Elite Sports

Question: What are your goals for this year? Next 3 years? Next 5 years?

Answer: To just keep training and competing

Question: What inspires you about BJJ? MMA?

Answer: Training and meeting new friends

Question: Who inspires you, past or present? Why do they inspire you?

Answer: My coaches. Because they always pushed me to be better!

Question: Any major accomplishments you’ve been able to achieve in that time?

Answer: 2 time BFA open weight champion

Question: What does it mean for you to be a fighter?

Answer: Mentally Strong and determined one

Question: How often do you train?

Answer: 5 or 6 days a week

Question: How long have you been training?

Answer: Almost 4 years

Question: Do you have a go-to finishing move?

Answer: Armbar

Question: What do you think it takes to be a champion in your sports?

Answer: Dedication training hard And a great support team

Question: What sort of gear do you usually keep in your gym bag before hitting the gym?

Answer: Do you have different items for specific days. Always keep an extra Gi Rash guard and spats.