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Gabriel Garcia (Martelo)


Full Name Gabriel Garcia (Martelo)
Class Welterweight
Weight 90lbs
Rank Gray Belt (2 Stripe)
Height 4'10"
Association Checkmat Mafra


Gabriel Garcia is 11 years old and in the 6th grade. He started the first day of Brazilian jiu-jitsu on March 11, 2016, with Marcelo Mafra's checkmate high-desert in Hesperia, California. His last few months have been very awesome and challenging. He received grey belt fairly quick because of his wrestling background (2 years for Dog town/Bulldogs) wrestling out of oak hills California.

His first 3 months that he dominated in a lot of white belt competitions all around Southern California from Jiu-jitsu world league, Dream BJJ, BJJ tours, Grappler x, and IBJJF.

He would compete sat. and the sun. as often as he can. He loves the sport and he is very competitive. He received his grey belt within 3 months on 6-11-16 and competed at IBJJF American nationals in Las Vegas for his first tournament in the grey belt division. He had a lot of tough fights and worked hard to come out on top with a gold medal and a memorable weekend. He went on to kid’s worlds at citizen’s business bank in Ontario California and took 1st place in Gi and NO-Gi to win 2 championship belts.

After competing in a hand full of grey belt tournaments he went on a break to a sport. He loves to dominate in, Football. He plays fullback, running back, linebacker and both kickoff and receiving. As a team sport, you can only go as far as your team can go together. Some weekends were tough but we came out and ended our season in the 2nd round playoffs with an 8-3 record. He tried competing some weekends after football games but without training, strength can only get him so far. He came out with some gold and some silver but he realized that he needed more training and dedication to get back on top.

He is back at the gym now 3 days a week with world champion Marcelo Mafra and Catherine Fuhro Perret, training hard and working my way to taking home some more gold medals. Also, putting in 2 days a week with the oak hills high schools wrestling team at our kid's bulldog wrestling club. He will always be competing as often as he can in whatever sport is available that day because it's in his blood to win and be a world champion. It's up to you to decide where you are tomorrow.