Team Elite Bjj Fighter Emmanuel "Leitao" Alves Elite Sports

Emmanuel Alves


Full Name Emmanuel Alves
Nick Name Leitao
Class Lightweight
Weight 168lbs
Rank Black Belt
Height 5’8"
Association Calves Pagels Jiu Jitsu


Everybody calls Emmanuel Alves “Manny or Leitao”. He is doing BJJ from the past 24 years. He is a second degree Black Belt from Pagels Jujitsu, he got his Black Belt from Paulo wesley. He born and raised in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, he is living in Saraota now for 14yrs with his wife and kids, he owns a small gym here for the past 3yrs and glad to spread and teach to everybody about BJJ. He has 2100 followers on Instagram and 3,000 followers on his Facebook page and team page. This number is constantly growing. The pictures that he posts typically get over 300 likes.