Team Elite Bjj Fighter Claire MacDougall Elite Sports

Claire MacDougall


Full Name Claire MacDougall
Nick Name Tiny Dancer
Weight 102 lbs
Rank Orange Belt
Height 5'
Association Gracie Humaita


My name is Claire MacDougall and I am 13 years old. I am a Gracie Humaita Orange Belt and have been training BJJ for 6 years. I have had a busy year competing and traveling with BJJ. My brother Max and I have covered over 11000 kilometers so far this year and have had some amazing adventures. I will continue to compete in Canada and the US with the hopes of making it to more Eastern Canadian and Eastern US tournaments rather than my usual Central, Western Canada, and Mid-Western US. I have been invited to do some pay per views and super fights such as West Coast Chokes and Chokes by the Ocean.

I have had the pleasure of training under some of my favorite fighters. I trained and learned from Claudia Gadelha at her club Claudia Gadelha BJJ and MMA Academy. I also trained at Renzo Gracie NYC. There I learned and trained with many of my BJJ idols which helped to advance my game greatly. Furthermore, I have had the chance to do some training in San Diego over the last year.

While there I made some wonderful friends and value greatly the time they invested in me. I trained at Gracie Humaita South Bay under my mentor Leticia Ribeiro. I also trained under so many of my BJJ idols while there such as Eduardo Telles, Rodrigo Munduruca, Jenna and Tyler Bishop Rita Lynne Gribbon and of course the rest of the many amazing women at Gracie Humaita South Bay. I want to continue training and traveling to compete and help grow the sport in my community and beyond. My Dad is an Officer in the Air Force and he sacrifices so much for our family. Education is super important to me and I am a straight A student and a positive contributor to my community. I am proud to be a Team Elite member!

Q&A Session Between Claire MacDougall and Elite Sports

Question: What inspires you about BJJ?

Answer: It pushes me to be better physically and mentally. I enjoy the challenges that it prevents me and the way it prepares me for other challenges in life.

Question: : Who inspires me the most?

Answer: Leticia Ribeiro is one of my biggest inspirations. Not only because she was a pioneer in women’s BJJ and a multiple time world champion, but continues to champion women in the sport. I am very lucky to get to train under her guidance when I am in San Diego. Some other inspirations are my family, my Professors and my training partner Peytyn, without them.

Question: Major accomplishment I have achieved?

Answer: : I have won the following Titles and Championships:

Manitoba Open (Provincial Championships) 4x Gi Champion

Manitoba Open (Provincial Championships) 4x NoGi Champion (Gold)

Submission Challenge North Dakota Gi Champion (Gold)

Central Canada Submission Classic Gi Champion (Gold)

Central Canada Submission Classic NoGi Champion (Gold)

Sylvio Behring Invitational 2x NoGi Champion (Gold)

Sylvio Behring Invitational Gi Champion (Gold)

Queen City Open Gi Champion and (Gold)

Queen City Open NoGi Champion (Gold)

Question: What are your goals for 3 years, 5 years?

Answer: This year is my goal is to win the Kids Pans. 3 years is to win the Pans and the Canadian National Championship and 5 years would be to get accepted to San Diego State University or McMaster University. Hopefully, if I go to McMaster University I can make the Wrestling Team there. BJJ Goal would be to work at getting my Black Belt.

Question: Who is your favorite fighter?

Answer: Leticia Ribeiro really a great fighter. I always try to follow her.

Question: How often do you train?

Answer: We train 5-6 days per week

Question: How long have you been training?

Answer: 6 Years

Question: What do you think it takes to be a champion?

Answer: Commitment to Training, mental fortitude, and natural athletic ability

Question: Go to Move?

Answer: Triangles from everywhere, especially those places they feel safe

Question: What sort of gear do you keep in your gym bag?

Answer: I like to keep a first aid kit that includes scissors and tape for my fingers and also foam wrap if needed. I keep hair elastics for my very long hair and I also keep nail clippers. All of this plus an Elite Sports Gi and Nogi set.