Malawi Seeks Mike Tyson To Be Its Cannabis Ambassador Amid Backlash

Malawi Seeks Mike Tyson To Be Its Cannabis Ambassador Amid Backlash

Malawi, having asked Mike Tyson to be its cannabis ambassador, has received all but the response from the boxing legend, neither accepting nor even acknowledging the offer.

The state has received the utmost criticism for nominating its choice, considering Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist who’s legally required to register himself as a Tier-II sex offender. Tyson was convicted for raping Desiree Washington in 1992, a crime for which he served 3 years and came out in 1995 on parole.

However, that hasn’t stopped the state’s officials like Gracian Lungu from justifying second chances stating that if the system decided to release Mike Tyson on parole, it means he’s okay to be out.

Malawi’s Minister of Gender, Patricia Kaliati herself said, “It’s about business, the economic business of cannabis. We look for the prominent people, the decision-makers who can say a thing which can be recognized internationally.”

Mike Tyson, the living boxing legend, is still an internet sensation with fans all around the world. After boxing, Tyson invested in a series of projects, one of which was Tyson 2.0, a business establishment that aims to sell cannabis across the United States.

The Republic of Malawi recently legalized growing cannabis for industrial as well as medical purposes even though recreational use of the substance is banned in the country still. Their reason for reaching out to Mike Tyson is simply because it’ll be good for business.

Although there’s still been no word from Mike, many speculate whether a country should even be going in such a direction.

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