Is BJJ Good for Big Guys?

Is BJJ Good for Big Guys?

When a big and fat guy tries to fight, he might find his size makes it difficult to grapple due to a lack of mobility and limited offensive options. Newer BJJ fighters do not need to be in peak physical condition to get started, but you can try to get in shape, build more muscle mass, and improve flexibility.

Size and weight are very important in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because it is possible for a smaller fighter to overcome a heavier opponent.  A heavier fighter can have more power and momentum when grappling, but this is only advantageous if the fighter stays in shape.

1. Losing Weight Before Starting BJJ isn’t Mandatory

If you are overweight, BJJ can help you lose weight since the mix of different grappling moves helps to burn more calories and reduce fat more quickly.

Secondly, you will be only trained with partners of a similar weight and size. All training partners are paired up according to their weight, age, and experience to lessen the chance of injury and ensure the training is productive.

2. Important Training Strategies When on the BJJ Mats

In BJJ, it is not uncommon for smaller fighters to overcome larger opponents. The history of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is full of smaller fighters relying on their intellect to defeat physically stronger but less mindful opponents.

However, a big guy with technical superiority can be difficult to defeat. In grappling, strength can make all the difference if paired with technical superiority.

3. Learn Techniques Instead of Brute Force

Smaller fighters who learn a wide range of techniques often have the advantage over fighters who rely on physical strength. Fighters who know multiple techniques will have a better chance of subduing or escaping from an opponent in almost any position. Relying on physical strength alone will eventually fail as you will not be able to match opponents who are bigger and stronger than you.

4. Don’t Ignore the Bottom

Attacking your opponent’s upper torso while standing is a common strategy among big guys. But rather than focus on improving only grappling techniques, they should also practice lower body movements while fighting on the ground. Learn how to fight in bottom positions in case you are thrown or pinned to the ground. Learning to submit, sweep, and escape by utilizing your lower body may help you get out of tough situations.

5. Act Carefully

If you have a heavy build, refrain from falling on your opponent. Your full-weight landing on your opponent’s ribs or limbs may cause serious injury. Regardless of whether you are training or not, be careful how much force you exert when grappling to avoid sending your training partner to the hospital. 

6. How can BJJ Help You Lose Weight?

You probably have seen that all the BJJ stars have perfect physic. Most people who start training in BJJ have more tendency to lose fat without following a particular diet plan. The main reason for the fast results is that Bjj is a kind of sport that helps to burn more calories while we are training on the mat.

Several reasons can help you to burn calories in a short time.

Training BJJ helps to burn more calories: if you want to reduce body fat, there is a general principle to follow. For instance, you have to burn more calories as compared to intake. Jiu-jitsu is the best way to burn more calories in less time. But you have to keep a watchful eye on calorie intake.

BJJ gyms provide a chance to get inspired by physically fit people: if you keep spending time with the people who love smoking, drinking, and eating fast food, the chance is that you will fall into that trap. But if you surround yourself with people who take care of their health and do exercise regularly, eat healthy food and avoid junk food, you will be self-motivated too to keep yourself fit.

Bjj is an overall body workout instead of traditional workouts: when it comes to losing weight, most people start jogging and repeat that exercise every day. Walking is good but if you are training the same muscle every day, the chances are more that you will end up with knee pain or demotivated due to slow progress. On the other hand, when you are training BJJ, you are more likely to involve every muscle in training. Over time, your body gets in shape without any harm to your joints.

7. Are BJJ Exercises Anaerobic or Aerobic?

Though coaches have different opinions of whether BJJ is aerobic or anaerobic, the truth is that it is both. 

8. BJJ Can Be Better than Cardio Workouts

People who can handle high-intensity cardiovascular exercises may struggle when learning jiu-jitsu. But practicing BJJ techniques when working with a training partner may force you to adapt or speed up your progress. Sparring helps prepare you to go up against the faster or more skilled competition.

But even if you improve your BJJ skills through sparring, you have to continue strengthening your muscles and improve your overall stamina

9. Light Weight Training Exercises

Most gym coaches recommend doing lighter exercises like jumping jacks, running laps, push-ups, crunches, etc.

Warm-ups help loosen up your muscles and joints to prevent you from straining yourself. 

After you finish your warm-ups, you will be partnered with another fighter with the same level of experience as you.  As you will be engaging your entire body while practicing BJJ techniques, your training also serves as a low-intensity full-body workout.

10. Apply Pressure By Controlling Hip Movements

While training, if you don't apply the right amount of pressure when trying to subdue an opponent, then you might not actually be controlling your opponent’s movements.

11. Don't Neglect Your Guard

In BJJ, your should remember to work on both your top and bottom games equally. A guard may be your best way to defend yourself from an opponent trying to grapple you.

12. Conclusion

Practicing BJJ is a good way to get in shape, and get rid of excessive body fat. Once you start your BJJ training, you will start living a healthy lifestyle, have a more balanced body, learn to focus on a particular subject, and get confident. Overall, Bjj should not be the goal, but it should be your lifestyle.

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