Daniel Simoes Gracie - Sixth Degree BJJ Black Belt

Daniel Simoes Gracie - Sixth Degree BJJ Black Belt

1. Daniel Simoes’s Details

Daniel Simoes’s Details
Name  Daniel Simoes “Gracie”
Nickname  Gracie
Born  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date of Birth  28-6-1972
Weight  Below 100 kg (221 lbs)
Weight Division Light Heavyweight
Super Pesado (Super-Heavyweight)
Last Weigh-in N/A
Height  6’2’’
Foundational Style  BJJ
Submission Wrestling
Career Disclosed Earnings  N/A
College University  N/A
Rank 6th Degree Black Belt
Head Coach  Carlos Gracie Junior
Last Fight  N/A
Favorite Technique Top Position/Armbar from Side Control
Lineage  Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr. > Carlos Gracie Junior > Daniel Simoes “Gracie”
Team Association  Renzo Gracie
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2. Daniel Simoes’s Biography

Daniel Simoes was born in Rio Janeiro, Brazil on June 28th, 1972. He is a 6th-degree black belt and one of the top heavyweight fighters. He appeared in both BJJ and MMA competitions and made some prestigious wins. In BJJ, Daniel won various major championships, such as the  IBJJF World Championship, Pan Championship, and Brazilian National Championship. Now he is the owner of Daniel Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

2.1. Introduction to BJJ

Daniel Gracie started BJJ training under the influence of his father named, Carlos Alberto Vieira. Though Daniel did not receive his black belt from Helio Gracie, but he got a chance to train under him. Daniel Simoes is the cousin of Renzo, Ryan, and Ralph Gracie so he was associated with BJJ from his childhood. When he turned 10 in 1982, he started BJJ training regularly.

He is honored to be one of the first students of Gracie Barra. He started his BJJ career under senior Gracies and pioneers of BJJ, including Helio Gracie, Rolls Gracie, Carlson Gracie, and Carlos Gracie Jr in Gracie Barra. In the first place, he was a student of Rolls Gracie, but after the accidental death of Rolls, Gracie Barra went under the supervision of Carlos Gracie Jr. and Carlson Gracie. Resultantly, Daniel Gracie trained with Carlos and Carlson and made an unbreakable bond with BJJ under the tutelage of Carlos Gracie Jr. 

2.2. Their Home Became a BJJ School

As Daniel lived with other Gracies in the same house, he and his cousins continued their BJJ training even after their school. Their senior family members were their teachers. So their home became a school in which all the students and teachers lived together.

2.3. Black Belt Promotion

In 1996, Daniel won a gold medal in the IBJJF World Championship as a brown belt. After his extraordinary win in the World Championship, he was promoted to black belt by his cousin Ryan Gracie. On a casual day after a workout, he tied the belt around his waist. It was a surprise for Daniel. Later this belt promotion was approved by Carlos Gracie Jr. In the same year after the belt promotion, Daniel proved that he was eligible for the belt by winning two medals in the Brazilian Nationals.   

2.4. Adopt Gracie as His Professional Name

Daniel Simoes Gracie is not a Gracie by blood but he is the cousin of Ryan, Ralph, and Renzo Gracie. His mother is the sister of Renzo Gracie’s mother. He spent all his childhood with the Gracies and learned BJJ with them. Therefore his professional name is Daniel Simoes Gracie. 

2.5. Debuted in MMA

Daniel Gracie debuted in MMA in 2002. He fought for some major championships like Pride Fights, Bellator, and IFL. In his first six fights, he won four fights, two with submission, and one fight was a draw. Until 2006, his MMA record was 4-1-1. In 2006, he lost a fight by knockout against Allan Goes. After this loss, he decided to leave MMA.

2.6. Pride Fighting Championship

It was Daniel’s dream to appear in the Pride Fighting Championship. He asked his cousin Renzo Gracie to train at Renzo Gracie’s Jiu-Jitsu Academy in the 2000s. He was surprised when his cousin told him that his fight will be in one month in the Pride Fighting Championship. After a great premiere, Daniel faced Takashi Sugiura in a crowd of six thousand people and defeated his opponent with a split decision.

In 2003, Daniel faced Shinsuke in Japan and submitted him by armbar. In 2003, he fought again in the Pride Championship. He lost one of his fights with the decision but got the submission in the second bout with an armbar.

2.7. Return Back in MMA

Even though Daniel quit MMA after 2006, he returned to MMA in 2010 and fought in Israel FCGenesis. In this fight, he earned a quick win in his first round by submission. He debuted in the Bellator Fighting Championship season 4, but he could not win his first two fights. After that, he did not appear in any MMA fights. Now his present MMA record is 5-4-1.

2.8. Debuted in Professional Wrestling

Daniel Gracie and Rolls Gracie Jr. debuted in professional wrestling in 2014. Both of them attended a promotion of professional wrestling in Japan in which they challenged openly for an event, Wrestle Kingdom 8 in Tokyo Dome held on January 4, 2014. Their challenge was accepted by two Japanese professional wrestlers, Kazushi Sakuraba, and Yuji Nagata.

Kazushi Sakuraba is now famous as the ‘Gracie Hunter’. Rolls Gracie Jr. was disqualified against Nagata because he tried to choke him with his Gi. Later a rematch was conducted. Rolls Gracie Jr. submitted both wrestlers in later fights. Both Gracies faced Yokohama Arena but could not succeed to defeat him. 

2.9. Daniel Gracie’s Coaching Career

Daniel started his coaching career when his coach and mentor, Carlos Gracie Jr. wanted his students to learn coaching techniques. At that time, Daniel was in Sao Paulo along with Marcelo Behring. He learned a lot from his iconic personality. After Behring relocated to Rio de Janeiro, Daniel decided to start a team with his cousins, Ralph, Ryan, and Russo with the name Gracie Sao Paulo.

This team gave rise to multiple champions. The affiliated  fighters defeated some of the most-skilled BJJ athletes  from Rio de Janeiro. In 1990, a rivalry appeared on the surface between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro due to this academy.  

Soon after, Daniel started another campus of the academy in ABC Paulista. This branch became famous as it produced various MMA champions. The progress was cut-short because Daniel had to move to the USA to teach at his cousin’s academy, the Renzo Gracie Academy.

2.10. Daniel Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy

In 2013, Daniel relocated to Philadelphia and started his own academy, Daniel Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Now his academy has 15 branches across America where students train BJJ and MMA. The branches of his academies are:

Academy Name Head Instructor
Daniel Gracie Philadelphia Richard Flood
Daniel Gracie Mainline Jason Santiago
Daniel Gracie Art of Movement Anthony Terrel
Daniel Gracie Northeast Sidemar Honorio
Daniel Gracie Northshore Paul Tomasi
Daniel Gracie Academy of Northborough Frank Passos
Daniel Gracie Orleans Juliano Coutinho
Daniel Gracie Grand Rapids Cody Hier
Daniel Gracie Hyannis Juliano Coutinho
Daniel Gracie Delco Brett Linebarger
Daniel Gracie Plymouth Lee Gresh
Daniel Gracie Hanover Juliano Coutinho
Daniel Gracie Holland Ron Cotter
Daniel Gracie Kalamazoo Miguel Diaz
Daniel Gracie Ten Kai Ichi Dojo Michael Ahn

2.11. Daniel Marital Status  

Daniel Gracie is now married and has a son.

3. Daniel Simoes’s Historic Fights

3.1. Daniel Simoes Vs. Abmar Barbosa

Daniel Gracie faced Abmar Barbosa in the Ultimate Absolute NYC. Both fighters started the fight in a standing position and tried to pull down each other. After one and a half minutes, Daniel took down Barbosa and took the top position. Barbosa tried to escape but Daniel was in the dominating position. He strangled the wrist of Barbosa, put him completely on the ground, and then mounted him. Then he lifted Barbosa’s arm and tried to apply an armlock but could not succeed as Barbosa used his legs and escaped. However, a few seconds later, Daniel again mounted him. He put all his weight on his opponent to exhaust him. After a few minutes, Daniel successfully applied an armbar and submitted Abmar Barbosa.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2011 The Ultimate Absolute NYC  Abmar Barbosa Win Armbar Round 1 Absolute

3.2. Daniel Gracie Vs. Wataru Sakata

Daniel Gracie faced Wataru Sakata in the Pride Fighting Championship 2003. Before this fight, Daniel just lost to Kazuhiro Nakamura one month ago in the Pride Fighting Championship and had a record of 2-1-0. Both fighters started the fight with strikes. Daniel attacked Sakata several times with high kicks. After a few minutes, Daniel strangled Sakata’s head to attempt a guillotine. Then he threw him down and took the top position; however, Sakata quickly escaped. Daniel Gracie once again took side control and then transitioned into the guillotine. During all these, he continuously hit Sakata. He left Sakata for a minute and hit his face with his knee.

At the same time, Sakata used this opportunity to grab Daniel’s leg, pull him down, and successfully secure the dominant position. Daniel still managed to strangle both of his hands to avoid strikes. Sakata got his hand free but Gracie covered his face with his hand and leg to avoid strikes. To move his leg away, Sakata had to stand up, and this move created the opportunity Daniel was looking for. He stood up quickly to apply the guillotine yet again and took the top position. After heavily striking Sakata’s face, Daniel abruptly applied for an armbar. Sakata resisted the armbar and tried to hit Daniel's face with his leg but eventually submitted.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage
2003 Pride: Shockwave 2003  Wataru Sakata Win Submission (armbar) Round 1

4. Daniel Simoes’s Main Achievements in BJJ

4.1. Daniel Simoes’s Main Achievements

Year Event Belt Weight Division
1996 IBJJF World Championship Brown Belt Absolute
1996 Brazilian National Championship Black Belt Ultra-Heavyweight
1997 Brazilian National Championship Black Belt Ultra-Heavyweight
1999 Brazilian National Championship Black Belt Super-Heavyweight

4.2. Daniel Simoes’s BJJ Black Belt Achievements

Year Event Belt Position
1996 Brazilian National Championship Black Belt 1st
1996 Brazilian National Championship Black Belt 3rd
1997 Brazilian National Championship Black Belt 1st
1997 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 2nd
1998 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 2nd
1999 Brazilian National Championship Black Belt 1st
1999 IBJJF Pan American Black Belt 2nd
1999 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 3rd
2000 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 2nd
2001 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 2nd

4.3. Daniel Simoes’s BJJ Color Belt Achievements

Year Event Belt Position
1996 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 1st

5. Daniel Simoes’s Professional Record Breakdown in MMA

5.1. Professional Record Breakdown 

10 matches 5 wins 4 losses
By knockout 0 2
By submission 4 0
By decision 1 2
Draws 1

5.2. Submission Method

Method 4 Wins 0 Loss
Rear Neck Choke  1 0
Standing Rear Neck Choke  1 0
Armbar  2 0

5.3. Daniel Simoes’s MMA Fight History

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Round
2011 Bellator 54 Duane Bastress L TKO (doctor stoppage) 2
2011 Bellator 38 Tim Carpenter L Decision (split) 3
2010 Israel FC: Genesis Martin Wojcik W Submission (rear-naked choke) 1
2006 IFL: World Championship Semifinals Allan Goes L TKO (punches) 2
2006 IFL: Championship 2006 Wes Sims W Technical Submission (standing rear-naked choke) 1
2006 GFC: Team Gracie vs Team Hammer House Wes Sims D Technical Draw 2
2003 Pride: Shockwave 2003 Wataru Sakata W Submission (armbar) 1
2003 Pride Bushido 1 Kazuhiro Nakamura L Decision (unanimous) 2
2002 Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2002 Shinsuke Nakamura W Submission (armbar) 2
2002 Pride 21 Takashi Sugiura W Decision (split) 3

7. Daniel Simoes’s Historic Fights

Wataru Sakata vs Daniel Gracie - Pride Shockwave 2003

The Ultimate Absolute: Abmar Barbosa X Daniel Gracie

Photo Credit: @danielgracie

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