Daisy Fresh: Episodes 1 to 4 of Season 3, Detailed Review

Daisy Fresh: Episodes 1 to 4 of Season 3, Detailed Review

Daisy Fresh is a gym where practitioners not only train in Jiu-Jitsu but also learn how to work with dedication. They record their impressive and influential moments which motivate other BJJ practitioners all around the globe. Here is the complete schedule for their episodes of season 3.

Daisy Fresh Season 3 Episodes Releasing date on Flograppling

Episode No. Releasing Date
Episode 1 29th March 2023
Episode 2  5th April 2023
Episode 3  12th April 2023
Episode 4  19th April 2023
Episode 5  21st June 2023
Episode 6  28th June 2023
Episode 7 5 July 2023
Episode 8 9th August 2023
Episode 9 16th August 2023
Episode 10 23rd August 2023

Daisy Fresh Season 3 Episodes Releasing date on Youtube

Episode No. Releasing Date
Episode 1 29th March 2023
Episode 2  12th April 2023
Episode 3  19th April 2023
Episode 4  26th April 2023
Episode 5  28th June 2023
Episode 6  5th July 2023
Episode 7 12 July 2023
Episode 8 16th August 2023
Episode 9 23rd August 2023
Episode 10 30th August 2023

In Episode 1:

The first episode of Daisy Fresh was about the living of the athletes in an old building that did not have enough space and facilities for athletes. So many of them were living in their vehicles. In such circumstances, Daisy Fresh produced various champions. Jacob Couch is also one of them.

Jacob Couch introduced his fans to her mother who believed in her son that he would be a champion. The later first episode also had a complete story of how Jacob Couch became third in WNO. It was a really happy and emotional ending of the first episode.

In Episode 2:

Daisy Fresh, a heartwarming tale of American Jiu-Jitsu athletes, reflects inspiring and motivating scenes in episode 2 of season 3. This episode revealed how Pedigo Submission Fighting (PSF) influences the life of grapplers and is also an inspiration for new athletes.

Season 3 of Daisy Fresh is persistent to draw the attention of its audience with its way of delivering its story with interesting humor, expressing and lauding their hard work, mutual relationship, and how it is effective to change the lives of various grapplers.

The episode started by presenting the strong relationship between the team members of PSF. Their friendly and inspiring environment in the gym attracted various big legends like Mikey Musumeciwho transitioned this gym from local to international achievements. The beauty of their gym is depicted in the strong relationship between two different personalities, with completely different brought-ups like Mikey Musumeci, a world champion, and Wayne Hayer, a grappling cowboy.

Andrew Wiltse, the first Black Belt of PSF, also revealed his journey of the Black Belt with a title at every belt level. He is so dedicated to the gym that his earnings are also spent on the maintenance of the gym.

Wayne Hayer, a boy from south Chicago worked hard to fulfill his aims with a dream of horse riding and Jiu-Jitsu practice. By pulling him from his anxious life, PSF gave him new opportunities to achieve his dreams.

In episode 2, the union of two personalities with different backgrounds is also captivated. Mikey Musumeci, who practiced for years, and Jacob Couch who is the 15th top middleweight grappler in the world, their encouragement for each other gave a delightful perspective to the audience.

Heath Pedigo and PSF athletes are credited for the successful journey of Mikey, the first Black Belt Gi Champion of PSF as they helped him to overcome his mental hurdles and nervousness. Hopefully, Daisy Fresh will continue to shape the new generation of athletes.   

In Episode 3:

In episode 3 of season 3, various new grapplers joined Daisy Fresh. In this episode, the difficult lifestyle of the grapplers depicted their motivation and dedication to Jiu-Jitsu. Episode 3 starts with Wayne Hudson, a man who used to live in an ambulance, and a boy named Alex from Vietnam who came to this city to study and found this as an opportunity to join Daisy Fresh.

Their journey towards Atlantic City for ADCC trials was most thrilling and exciting. Jacob Couch represented the outstanding training of Daisy Fresh in his fights. He submitted many of his opponents. A wave of disappointment came when he was defeated by Giancarlo Bodini. But Heath Pedigo did not let his morale down. Episode 3 ended happily when Jacob Couch came back from ADCC trials with a Bronze Medal.

In Episode 4:

In season 3 and episode 4 of Daisy Fresh, Andre Wiltse found Mike on his door and he gave a complete tour of his Disy Fresh gym. He showed him even every small area, painting, and their camera place. He also talked about his torn meniscus in detail. Then there was an introduction of the new comings including two couples.

A wrestler and BJJ fighter, Michael Pixely was also shown in the fourth episode who put down various big players of the Daisy Fresh. He had to fight in WNO against and represented Daisy Fresh. As he was new so he was confused but he won the fight against Deck Poppy Reed from 10th Planet. Jacob Couch was also the winner of WNO. So once again Daisy Fresh's competitors gave their audience a happy ending.

The thrilling and exciting trailer of episode 5 is launched for the audience. Let’s wait for another outstanding piece of video. 

Here is the link from episodes 1 to 4 of season 3 of Daisy Fresh.

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