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Amir Khan Claims Fighting Kell Brook will be a “Step Down” for Him

Amir Khan Claims Fighting Kell Brook will be a “Step Down” for Him

Amir Khan and Kell Brook will face off in Manchester on February 19 in the largest all-British bout outside of the heavyweight category.

“He never wanted this fight but he’s been backed into a corner. I’ve wanted it for years,” Kell Brook stated.

Amir Khan said, “This fight is like I’m going down a level, not only one but a couple of levels,” “There are bigger names out there, toughest fights.” he added.

He claimed, “It’s a step down for me fighting Kell Brook, and I had to give it to the British fans because this is the fight they always wanted to see.”   

“I’ve to step down for the fight to show the British people who the best is,” said Amir Khan.

The former unified light-welterweight world champion Amir Khan has accused Kell Brook of being “bitter” and having “hate” for his career success.

Khan insists their rivalry is due to: “What I’ve done in the sport. The name I’ve got. You can see how bitter he is.”

“My celebrity status? That comes because I’ve achieved in the sport of boxing. It’s not because of other things.”

“I’ve put on great performances, won world titles, made a name for myself in America. It all comes from boxing.”

“How can you hate on that?”

“He can hate me as much as he wants. Once I beat him, he will hate me even more!”

“Now I know that he hates me, it will only make me train harder.”

Meanwhile, Kell Brook, says that he will “put himself through hell in training”

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