10 Shocking Moments in the Ultimate Fighting Championship

10 Shocking Moments in the Ultimate Fighting Championship

1. Introduction

The Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC always depicts the jaw-dropping moments that have become part of history. In mixed martial arts, the fighters come across some moments that create a significant impact on the onlookers and fighters.

Unveil the 10 shocking moments that are considered a significant part of the UFC history. Some of the records became the highlights of the UFC. these moments increase the intensity of a bout and put forward unbelievable events or occurrences of Mixed martial arts. 

2. 10 Shocking Moments in the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship has displayed hundreds of events worldwide in the last thirty years. The Octagon has hosted over 7,000 since it stormed onto the sports scene with fists flying. It is time to rank the ten top shocking events of UFC fights on the podium.

UFC is the world's most brutal platform that squares off the top contenders. It is an unfiltered sport where the fighters use every possible technique to put down the opponent.

Athletes in this sport do not hold back, and fighters who engage in finger flicking, abuse, or other notorious behavior may face consequences. In this sport, players go above and beyond, they show the verge of rage on the podium which becomes the iconic moment of UFC. 

2.1. Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor

Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor
Photo Credit: @firstsportz

The UFC organized an event on the 10 of July that showed a square-off between the top fighters of the UFC Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. These two competitors faced each other in the bout, but this time the intensity was extremely high.

They were known as ‘The Diamond’ and ‘The Notorious’ they are considered great rivals that are always passionate about their proficiency over the UFC podium. Conor McGregor showed a skillful combination and put down his tough competitor.

Conor McGregor showed the ultimate rage and put down Dustin Poirier in less than two minutes. The first round showed an exciting result that made the onlookers astonished. The Irish fighter has faced the intensity and lost the fight in round one.

Round two and the final round went well, the people were discussing the former world champion, that he might not give his winning amount for charity purposes.

All of this discussion created hype and created a sense of curiosity.

2.2. Glover Teixeira Lifted Golden Strap

Glover Teixeira Lifted Golden Strap
Photo Credit: @mmamania

42 years Glover Teixeira marked his name in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship by securing the gold strip in old age. Teixeira created history at the event of UFC 267 by winning the light heavyweight championship.

This unlikely championship consists of two particularly unexpected aspects. First, the wider picture must be taken into account. Though most of the fans believed that Teixeira would face Israel Adesanya when "Stylebender" attempted to move up a weight division.

Teixeira earned his title shot before 2021. Rather than accepting the unbeaten kickboxer, Jan Blachowicz turned him away, which was shocking enough that created hype in the UFC. He submitted the reigning champion, Jan Blachowicz, in the second round of a highly anticipated title fight in the UFC

In 2021, Teixeira turned 42 and achieved the distinction of becoming the oldest fighter to win an Ultimate Fighting Championship title. Round one started with the dominant proceedings of Teixeria, and in round two, Blachowicz was using the best approaches to win the title. It was an incredible career renaissance for him. Teixeria used the submission method of a rear-naked choke to seal the victory. In this way, Teixeira became the second-oldest UFC champion ever.

2.3. The Encounter of Aljamain Sterling vs Petr Yan

The Encounter of Aljamain Sterling vs Petr Yan
Photo Credit: @mmafighting

In the event of UFC 259, the podium was set for Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan. In the year 2021, the top contenders squared off against each other at the UFC Apex Las Vegas. There was a rapid exchange of throws and takedowns, that resulted in the victory of Aljamain Sterling.

Aljamain Sterling has won the fight, but he has faced a lot of criticism. As the fighters were facing each other, they were given impressive finishes and takedowns. But the bout ended with the illegal knee throw.

Aljamain Sterling was losing the match with the great techniques of Petr Yan. Yan has taken full control over the opponent but Sterling used the illegal throw that has created a drastic change in the results.

Even after becoming the World Champion in bantamweight, Aljamain Sterling has faced a lot of criticism from the crowd. 

2.4. Conor McGregor vs Chris Weidman

Conor McGregor vs Chris Weidman
Photo Credit: @talksport

In the event of the UFC two contenders faced off each other in the year 2021. Conor McGregor and Chris Weidman were against each other and wanted to get the title. The bout has turned into an incident that has become a part of UFC history.

It was an intense condition as the tough contender McGregor broke his leg during a bout. It has become the town discussion, as McGregor got injured by hitting the companion with great force.

It is the same incident that happened with Chris Weidman, he underwent surgery and appeared on the podium after suffering a gruesome broken leg. His leg was shattered and broken into pieces after the massive hit.

Fate is playing the same story, but now it appears on a different character. The outcome after knocking the companion is relatively bad which has had a worse impact on the companion. 

2.5. Petr Yan Hand Raising After a Fight

Petr Yan Hand Raising After a Fight
Photo Credit: @reddit

The podium was set for the fight of Petr Yan vs Aljamain Sterling. The match began with a move of Petr Yan, as he took the position of the guard to take control over the opponent. As soon as Aljamain Sterling realized it, he was competent to defend himself.

There was an exchange of punches, takedowns, strikes, and spinning techniques. It was the master event that left the fans astonished. Yan was handling the attacks with the use of intense defense methods, and soon he could easily defeat Aljamain Sterling.

The match was getting more intense as everyone was looking for a victory for Petr Yan. Aljamain Sterling was struggling as he had used all of the methods and became exhausted after innumerable strikes.

Petr Yan was in the dominant position, with his supreme power and energy. In the end, Yan used the illegal approach of hitting the opponent with the knee, this method took away the title from him. It has become the most shocking encounter of the UFC event. 

2.6. Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal

Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal
Photo Credit: @mmafighting

In the event of the UFC 65 Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal faced off each other and the onlookers were waiting for the ultimate square-off on the podium. Round one has remained as a one-sided fight so the fans were anxiously waiting for the match expecting the same result as the two.

Kamaru Usman was a wrestler, and he can utilize his competency in the match. But fate has decided something different from it. Usman was confident enough to overcome all of the challenges of the podium, he decided to use the technique of toe-to-toe. However, the results were comparatively different as the determinant fighter had to undergo a thunderbolt. 

2.7. Julianna Peña vs Amanda Nunes

Julianna Peña vs Amanda Nunes
Photo Credit: @espn

The Ultimate Fighting Championship always provides the platform for the controversies and the unexpected moments of the fighters. The two competitors were facing each other in the weight division of 125 pounds.

The event of the UFC 269 has also captured the unforgettable moment, that has become a part of history. Amanda Nunes is one of the most prominent female athletes that shows ultimate performance on the podium of the UFC. Nunes is the prominent fighter with which she won the title of the bantamweight division. Amanda Nunes won the world championship in the year of 2016. She has remained the top contender who remains unbeatable in the cages. Until the encounter that has been set between Julianna Peña and Amanda Nunes, the Saturday night has brought drastic changes in the records.

As the fight began, Amanda Nunes had to face a sequence of punches, hits, and powerful hits, that made her unable to overcome the rapid hits of the opponent. Nunes had faced the ultimate hits that she was not able to work for the rapid attack on her.

Julianna Peña has shown an unbelievably powerful performance on the podium of UFC and has made a record that was saved in history. Pena was 32 years old at that time and she had set an ultimate finish to submit her opponent Amanda Nunes.

This match brought about sheer disappointment in the hearts of the fans. The onlookers were shocked to see the encounter of the proficient fighter that brought an entirely different result.

After this encounter, Amanda Nunes has to face multiple challenges, as her identity was changed after a bout. Ultimate Fighting Championship shows the drastic changes of the reigns, the top contenders have to leave the place for the others, who display the terror and valor on the podium of UFC. 

2.8. Cecil Peoples’ Got Over the Competitors

Cecil Peoples’ Got Over the Competitors
Photo Credit: @usadojo

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has set the stage for a fighter to show valor and dominance on the podium. This fight had shown a totally unexpected and very different outcome.

The fight was arranged between the dominant record holders Nate Quarry and Pete Sell. As the fighters were doing the takedowns and working on the submission techniques, the referee showed an unbelievable response.

The referee was lying on the top of the two fighters, which made them stop the fight. That had a very bad impact and put a question mark on the performance of the referees.

The spectators were astonished, at what was happening in the cage. 

2.9. Georges St. vs Pierre Matt Serra

 Georges St. vs Pierre Matt Serra
Photo Credit: @youtube

St. Pierre is a prominent name among the top fighters. He earned this reputation for his dominant action in his matches, no matter who is the fighter against him. And when it comes to his bout against Matt Serra, GSP was the hot favorite of the viewers outside the ring waiting for the exciting spectacles.

Looking at the fight history, Serra never had a chance to win the bouts via knockout. He had only victory via stoppage. But something unique was going to happen in UFC 69 that was there to overturn the history.

The historic moment was set in the third minute of the first round. The UFC world was totally surprised to see the outstanding defeat of St. Pierre, by Matt Serra, who was once considered unbeatable. Everyone was shocked to see this defeat and the way he won added to the upset even more. Serra was able to win the fight by applying multiple strikes in one go. The attack was so outbursting that the match official had to intrude and stop the match, awarding the bout to Serra. Serra won it via TKO and it was his first ever UFC knockout.

2.10. Miesha Tate vs Holly Holm

Miesha Tate vs Holly Holm
Photo Credit: @youtube

Holly Holm was a dignified fighter who always stood out on the podium. She has an impressive career for his prominent fights. One of his memorable fights includes her spectacular takedown of Ronda Rousey after a tough competition. She won the title in this match.

Miesha Tate had put down Rousey. And this was indeed a surprising victory as Holm was considered a hot favorite for winning this bout. The victory was superb and Miesha Tate defeated Holly Holm in the fifth round, she used the submission method in the co-main event at UFC 196.

The finish astonished the UFC viewers all the more. It was in the fifth round when Miesha Tate in the submission of a rear-naked choke hold. This consequently forced an end to the fight. Tate was declared the winner.

3. Final Words

The Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC events showcase exceptional moments that are filled with drama, and craziness. These unpredictable events always create curiosity and raise the interest of the people.

Certainly, UFC shows top contenders over the podium, which makes the moment a more memorable one. More thrilling battles are on the way to entertain the spectators. 

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