Mystery behind the Sudden Death of ADCC Champion: Orlando Sanchez

Mystery behind the Sudden Death of ADCC Champion: Orlando Sanchez

The sudden death of the ADCC Champion Orlando Sanchez had an intense glooming effect on the whole BJJ community.

Orlando Sanchez, a BJJ Black Belt under Ze Radiola, died at the age of 40. The date of his death is 15 December 2022. He was one of the ultra-heavyweight champions in BJJ. He became the ADCC Champion in 2015. He was one of the fastest Black Belt promotions in BJJ when he received his Black Belt in only 4 years.

The cause of his death is yet unknown. Some say that he was shot while others have no clue, only speculations. The reason for his death is not a part of public knowledge yet. He was 40 years old and had big dreams to take BJJ to new heights. The news of his death came in the evening of 15 December. Hence, one of the sad days for the BJJ community.

His family is mourning and appealed to the public to honor their privacy in this tough time. The news of his death was confirmed by Gracie Barra where he was a professor.

His legacy of toughness and loyalty is what remains with his family,BJJ, and students. BJJ lost a gem on that day. The damage done to the BJJ community can never be healed no matter how hard we try. What remains behind is only his legacy that will remind every practitioner Orlando’s contribution to the gentle art.

Orlando’s dope fighting style can be seen in his fights and this is what the legacy of Orlando denotes.

Photo credit: @orlandogb72

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