Team Elite Bjj Fighter Marcel Tong Van Elite Sports


Professional MMA Fighter born and raised out of Iowa now training / residing out of Albuquerque, NM Third generation Tai Dam/America Business Owner.


Q&A Session Between Marcel Tong Van and Elite Sports

Question: What will you suggest to the newcomers?

Answer: Learn to form others and create your own way/approach/style

QuestionWhat does it mean to be a fighter?

Answer: I've been a fightersince birth.I'm a warrior of life. Always find a way to survive & thrive.

QuestionWhat are essential things for training?

Answer:Dicipline, Determination,Diet,Drive

QuestionWhat seperate you form every other fighter in your division?

Answer:My experience, and unorthodox style, my relentless mental attitude, my tenacity & pressure

QuestionWhat is the meaninhg of success in your mind?

Answer: Living life by your own code/honor & becomming self-sufficient stying tune ti yourself,elevating yourself and other in the process.Always bringing something to the table

QuestionWith whom you would like to fight and why?

Answer: The best ,to test myself and avenge losses

Questionis there any difference b/w your common days diet and during compe trining diet?

Answer:I always try to mantain a healthy diet,but when i dont have afight comming up.i'll sneak some goodies in the mix

QuestionIs martial art necessary for a common person?How?

Answer: I belive it.To learn discipline,goal setting, self-acutualization

QuestionHow Martial arts helps to build leaders?

Answer: Martial Arts helps to demonstrate discipline, self copntorl, and have balance in your life.

Question: How much importance has the sports gear in any competition?

Answer: Next to fighter, gear is everything! Comfrot, fit, feel, and quality. This is why i choose Elite, I couldn't be happier with their gear and highly recommend it.