Anthony "The Sikness" Ferro


Full Name Anthony Ferro
Nick Name The Sikness
Class No-Gi/mma
Weight 135/125 lbs
Rank Black Belt
Height 5’ 9 1/2
Association Uflacker Academy


Anthony Ferro has been in martial arts for 16 years starting with hapkido. He then served in the Marine Corps from 2003 to 2007, two tours in Iraq, he then got into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mma during his second tour in Iraq. He always wanted to do Jiu Jitsu and Mma when he first watched Royce choke bigger opponents out. He trains out of Uflacker academy in Chicago, Illinois, with his Professor being world champion Christian Uflacker. Anthony earned his black belt after ten years of training.

He has also trained muay thai at team toro in Westmont, Illinois. He compiled a record of 7 wins and 0 losses in amateur mma at flyweight while winning a championship belt. Now he is focusing on competing all of the country at black belt.


Multiple Ibjjf medalist at black belt, ibjjf medals in belts purple and above. Multiple medals from smaller tournaments, I have competed over 50 times in jiu jitsu and have 7 mma fights.

Q&A Session Between Anthony Ferro and Elite Sports

Question: What will you suggest to the newcomers?

Answer: Not to rush anything and remember it is a long, but worth it journey. Also, do research on the school and instructor.

Question: What does it mean for you to be a fighter?

Answer: Putting myself against another fighter across the cage or on the other side of the jiu jitsu mat, there is nothing like it. Everyone that competes will learn a lot about themselves.

Question: What are the essential things for the training?

Answer: A great Professor, training partners, gear bag, protein shakes, ibuprofen, ice baths, chiropractor, massage, food, and rest. I think that sums it up.

Question: What separates you from every other fighter in your division?

Answer: I am tall in my division in jiu jitsu and mma, other than that, I just consider myself a competitor.

Question: What is the meaning of success in your mind?

Answer: Success is any goal that you achieve or are willing to fight for. I believe in hard work to get what you want out of life.

Question: With whom you would like to fight, and why?

Answer: Doesn’t matter, whoever I am competing against.

Question: Is there any difference b/w your common days’ diet and during competition training diet?

Answer: I do not gain weight, especially when I am training six days a week for a competition. I will eat more pizza when I don’t have anything coming up, I will say that.

Question: How does a beginner will prepare for the competition? Any advice for beginners?

Answer: Listen to your coach, instructor, and be as loyal as your instructor is to you. Do not over train, I have and still fall for this. Listen to your body.

Question: How is it helpful to have the information about your competitor?

Answer: It depends on if it is mma or jiu jitsu in my opinion. I am not a big fan of studying my opponent. But with coaching I will study the other fighter.

Question: Is the martial art necessary for a common person? How?

Answer: Martial arts demand discipline, self-confidence, those are two very important things to take from martial arts. Self-defense is key, especially being a smaller person, Brazilian jiu jitsu saved my life.

Question: Which moment is memorable for you in your past competitions?

Answer: Winning my first black belt match was a great feeling last year. Winning an amateur mma championship belt and defending it once was a great experience for me. But, competing against people I’ve watched for many years to help my game has been awesome. This year I was able to travel a lot and compete, it has been a fun year.

Question: How do martial arts help to build a leader?

Answer: Martial arts helps with self-confidence which will help with having the confidence in being a leader. Someone who is strong willed and will stick up for themselves while being fair.

Question: What would be your dream fight?

Answer: Fighting Demetrius Johnson, you always want to fight the best. I want to continue to compete against world champion black belts in jiu jitsu.

Question: How is the road plan necessary for any competition?

Answer: I always have a plan. Figuring out the schedule that works best for me and how often to train is important.

Question: Do you have any advice for your competitors?

Answer: No

Question: How much importance has the sports gear in any competition?

Answer: Having gear that you trust is something that I think every competitor needs. Having the right fit with shorts, gi’s, gloves, etc, it is often over looked.

Question: What should we learn from the legends /or from the seniors? Who is your inspiration?

Answer: We should learn the importance of loyalty and tradition from the legends of the sport. We should learn respect from the nicest guys or girls in the sport. My inspirations in jiu jitsu would be the Miyao brothers, the Mendes brothers, I have learned by watching them. I’m a smaller fighter so I like watching them, it was also great to compete against one as well. My students are my inspiration as well. The harder they train the harder I want to train. My Professor, Christian Uflacker is my inspiration for teaching me what I know in jiu jitsu and life, while believing in me as a person, student, and instructor.

Question: To whom you would like to compliment for your success?

Answer: All of my training partners and my Professor. Without them I wouldn’t be much of anything in these sports.

Question: Who is your favorite legendary fighter? Why?

Answer: Chuck Liddell and Royce Gracie.