Marc De La Cruz


Full Name Marc De La Cruz
Class Lightweight
Weight 170 lbs
Rank Black Belt
Height 5'8"
Association Camarillo Jiu-Jitsu/Combat Base


He started BJJ in 2000 under Mauricio Tinguinhna/Gracie Barra out of Orange county while living in Visalia, Ca. As an Army Veeteran he was called back in to active duty after Sept 11th attacks in 2001. Where he was still practiced and shared his beginner knowledge of Jiu Jitsu techniques with his Army piers. On his return. He continued his journey, he will soon began fighting professional MMA. He finished his MMA record with a 4-4 record. One win with submission of the night with triangle. and another with fastest TKO finish at 58 seconds. All the while he had continued competing in BJJ tournaments and still currently competing. He received his first gold at NABJJF No-Gi GI master’s intermediate division 2011

2012 all Americas masters Purple Belt GI gold medalist

2012 U.S. open purple master’s gold medalist

2013 L.A. international Brown belt gold medalist

2013 SJJIF worlds Brown Belt Master master’s gold medalist

Gracie worlds 2nd place Gi Brown belt master’s division

2014 U.S. open silver medalist Brown belt senior 1

2015 Revgear No-GI advanced master’s gold medalist.

2017 L.A. international masters blackbelt middleweight champion

He opened his own academy shortly after he began training under Daniel Camarillo where he earned his Black Belt. He also was training with Chris Haeuter on occasion. Such a diversity of styles has really broadened his game. They have a thriving team at his academy. One in particular a female that has really stood out is one of their multi IBJJF pan American champions Vanessa Retes be on the lookout for this terror!