Landon Olds


Full Name Landon Olds
Class Wrestling
Weight 80 lbs
Rank Intermediate
Height 4'9"
Association Jr Spartans - USA Wrestling


Landon is 9 years old and from Lafayette Louisiana. He has been training jiujitsu for 5 years @ Gladiators Academy of Lafayette . He has been wrestling for 3 years with the Jr.Spartans out of OCHS. He has been competing since he was 6 years old. He has been in many tournaments in Louisiana and Texas placing in most of them.

He trains jiujitsu 4 days a week. During wrestling season he trains 3 days a week wrestling and 2 days jiujitsu. One of his biggest accomplishments is 1st place in the Louisiana Folkstyle State Championship in 2016. He is a 3.5 star wrestler under USA Wrestling. His current record as of 4/20 /17 is 14-4 with 4 pins and 3 majors. He hopes to one day get a wrestling scholarship to a college and eventually open his own wrestling and jiujitsu gym.