Elias "Alpha Wolf" Morales


Full Name Elias Morales Jr
Nick Name Alpha Wolf
Class Welter Weight
Weight 170 lbs
Rank Brown Belt
Height 5’ 11”
Association 3rd Degree Black Belt Marco Delima


I started traditional martial arts when I was about 7 years old, but became interested and training specifically in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the age of 23. I currently also train in various martial arts such as Kung-Fu/Karate, Muay Thai kickboxing, Aikido and MMA. I am a father to 4 loving, sweet, funny incredible children - 2 girls and 2 boys who I teach and train in various martial arts as well. I received my nick name “Alpha” from my group of friends who train with me at Plus One Defense Systems by being a good role model with the most experience and for taking on a leadership and mentoring role within the group.

I received my Brown Belt in August 2017 from Marco Delima who is currently a 3rd degree Black Belt through Marcus Aurelio who is currently a 5th degree Black Belt. I work at Plus One Defense Systems as a Martial Arts Instructor in various martial arts and I teach students from age 5 up to adults. BJJ is my favorite art and I look forward to reaching my goal of obtaining my black belt in future.

Q&A Session Between Elias Morales Jr and Elite Sports

Question: What inspires you about BJJ? MMA?

Answer: These arts are so practical for real life. In any given situation, you might come across someone who is bigger than you and maybe even stronger than you. But if you have formal training, you need not be intimidated. Your skills will not betray you and the training you have put in will come through when you need them. It’s satisfying to know you can rely on them.

Question: What do you think it takes to be a champion in your sports?

Answer: Main thing is loyalty to a trainer and bonding with them. Learning their ways of the sport and taking what you can to add into your game. Then of course hard work, good training and listening skills.

Question: Who inspires you, past or present? Why do they inspire you?

Answer: People that inspired me in the past and present have been martial arts legends. From Bruce Lee to Georges St-Pierre and big names that can go on that compete in BJJ. They inspire me to be the best and make the best of myself in martial arts.

p>Question: How long have you been training?

Answer: I've been training BJJ since 2007

Question: What are your goals for this year? Next 3 years? Next 5 years?

Answer: In the next 3 to 5 years my goal is to earn my black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Question: Any major accomplishments you’ve been able to achieve in that time?

Answer: I've place many times in multiple BJJ tournaments. Gold, Silver and Bronze in IBJJF, Naga, New England Sub Only and AMMO Fight League.

Question: What will you suggest to the newcomers?

Answer: Just train hard and focus to correct your moves so they won't betray you.

Question: How often do you train?

Answer: I train everyday a different martial art, but I train BJJ about 2 to 3 times a week.

Question: Who is your favorite legendary fighter?

Answer: Bruce Lee and Georges St-Pierre

Question: Do you have a go-to finishing move?

Answer: I like to keep it simple with Arm Bars and Americana’s.

Question: What sort of gear do you usually keep in your gym bag before hitting the gym? Do you have different items for specific days?

Answer: I keep everything in my bag. Elite Gi, belt, 2 rash guards, cup, mouth pieces, 2 pairs of shorts, boxing gloves and MMA gloves, hand wraps, tape, tiger bond, sneakers, training mask, towel and hygiene items.