Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids Bjj Gis

Getting a kid’s BJJ Gi is never a bad decision. Jiu Jitsu and BJJ have proved themselves to be more than just combat sports. Even if we don’t consider them sacred lifestyles, we need to consider it more than just a fighting style for entertainment. This “gentle” art isn't just limited to adults so we’ve also created the very best BJJ armor for your little fighter. With Elite Sports kids BJJ gis, you can depend on the rugged exoskeleton to maintain functionality, durability, and aesthetic that your child will love. Our kid's jiu jitsu gi’s are carefully constructed with the same amount of quality as our adult gi’s. Elite Sports’ kids’ gi fitting ranges will fit children from 3’4”- 5’ (sizes C000-C3) so that children of various sizes and weights can enjoy the premium quality of our BJJ kimonos. Fitting is true to size so that any looseness on the sleeves and collars are eliminated.


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Kids Bjj Gi’s

Elite’s Kids’ BJJ Gi’s: Young Athletes Deserve a Chance

True-to-size fitting is essential so that the opponent is easily able to grab onto the gi with ease. The thicker and more true to size the gi is, the harder it will be for the opponent to get a grip. Our thick, high-quality BJJ gis will keep your child protected and combat-ready at all times.Not only do we have 7+ colors for your child to choose from, but we’ve also carefully assessed the quality of each Gi over time to determine whether it can be subject to fading or wear and tear. Fortunately, due to continued efforts made by our design team, all our Elite Kids’ BJJ Gis are guaranteed to last for a substantially long time.

Designed to withstand constant tampering, sweeps, falls, armbars, kimura armlocks, or whatever your little warrior decides to do with it, whilst maintaining structural & cosmetic integrity. These gi’s will withstand the most intense training sessions and competitions time and time again while retaining their unmatched quality.

What Makes Elite Kids’ Jiu Jitsu Gi Unique?

The material used in our high quality gi’s are 60% durable canvas cotton & 40% polyester fabric with a 400gsm pearl weave. These rugged gi’s can be pulled, grabbed, gripped, and abused to the extreme and will retain their quality as if it were day one. The gi’s are already pre-shrunk and it is recommended that they are cold washed and left to hang dry. 

Why Get Elite Kids’ BJJ Kimono? 

Jiu Jitsu uniform heavy duty yet lightweight bjj gi’s are designed to be comfortable, thoroughly protected at all times, and allow for a full range of motion so that maneuverability can be done effortlessly.  Conveniently equipped with sweat wicking material to keep dry & comfortable, anti-odor capabilities to keep focused on the fight, and anti-bacterial to prevent any possible type of infections caused by sweat, damp heat, blood, etc. 

Not only will you be saving yourself a lot of medical trouble, but you’ll also be saving up long term in terms of buying a BJJ Gi every few months. 

A Selection of Kids’ BJJ Gi Designs to Choose From:

The best part about going for Elite BJJ Gis is that we offer something for everyone. Color options for our kids' jiu jitsu kimono gi's will of course include the 3 IBJJF approved competition colors of white, black, and blue. Other options for different preferences include green, navy blue, and gray. There are a variety of different design patterns & stitching to choose from as well depending on the fighter’s personal preference. Elite Kids’ BJJ kimonos deliver an unbeatable level of comfort & quality that guarantees a fun and exciting day at the dojo. Moreover, you’ll find that they are excellent for day-to-day training at any experience level.