Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bjj Gis

AJiu Jitsu gi should fit and feel like it was made just for you. At Elite Sports, we know that our customers won’t settle for just any bjj gi, but that there is a huge number a BJJ fanatics like us who want a gi that has it all, including, the stylish look, right fit and comfort, and a price that won’t hurt your wallet. You will never feel constrained in an elite sports bjj gis as they allow a full range of motion. The one true success we have found in making some of the best jiu jitsu gis on the market is this: when someone steps on to the mat to roll in an Elite sports gi, they can expect to feel ready to take on any challenge and any opponent.

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The uniform for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is referred to as a “BJJ Gi”. Jiu Jitsu uniform are a lightweight two-piece garment that consists of loose-fitting pants and a jacket that is closed with a cloth belt. There are other forms of martial arts that use the gi but they all have their differences, and for a reason. BJJ gi is generally more durable than any other gi because in BJJ there is constant grabbing and pulling. Brazilian BJJ gi is designed to be more form fitting than most because it restricts your opponent from being able to grab on to you.


When you're buying bjj gi, you’re not just buying an outfit, you’re buying a piece of equipment. So when purchasing one, you have to make sure its quality, especially since you're going to be spending a lot of time rolling, grappling, and sweating. It’s going to be your ExoSkin, so choose wisely.

Best BJJ Gis: Elite Quality You Can Wear

Elite Sports Gis are constructed out of the highest quality materials, featuring 60% canvas cotton and 40% polyester, these rugged gi’s are designed to take the most abuse you can throw at it. It’s thick, durable pre-shrunk 400gsm pearl weave construction allows for our gi’s to be pulled, grabbed, and gripped without showing any immediate signs of abrasion.

Sizes for our bjj gis range from the small A0 for fighters who are 4’9”-5’ to A5 for fighters who are 6’1”-6’3”, so that fighters of most sizes and builds could proudly rock our premium gis during training or competitions and come out victorious.

Our gi’s offer a timeless BJJ aesthetic look with it’s fine stitching, badging, and contour lines. These rugged BJJ uniforms are guaranteed to offer a professional look, a comfortable feel, and endure the roughest treatment whilst maintaining its cosmetic and structural integrity.

Offering the permissible IBJJF approved colors such as white, blue, and black along with a variety of other colors for various personalities during training. Our jiu jitsu kimono gi’s come in black, gray, white, green, blue, and navy blue. There are a few different designs and stitching to choose from for your preferred taste. These high quality gi’s are all vibrant with their set colors and will stand the test of time.

Elite Sports Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi: Guaranteed Performance

Elite Sports Gi’s are designed to fit to size so that there is no looseness or excessive fabric. We construct them true to size so that the combatant isn't excessively prone to getting gripped or grabbed onto due to loose sleeves, collars, etc. Bring out the real fighter in you with our gi’s and dominate the ring. 

Our gi’s are lightweight so that you may have full manoeuvrability and an easy range of motion so that no matter what position you’re in, you will be able to maneuver like butter. It’s antibacterial & sweat wicking capabilities will keep you dry, safe from infections and comfortable without letting any excess moisture keep you from optimum performance.