Justin Gary


Full Name Justin Gary
Class Welterweight
Weight 150 lbs
Rank Purple Belt
Height 5'10"
Association Hill Brothers (Akosa)
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Justin "3-6-1" Gary is a man of many talents. This seasoned fighter is known to always bring the noise . Hailing from the Illinois "the House of Paign" (Champaign), he's a mix of Midwest toughness, smooth moves, and tenacious energy. He represents the Hill Brothers Team, a mix of all-stars with specialties such as Luta Livre and Shin Kakuto.

With a wealth of BJJ Gi and NoGi medals, as well as multiple MMA championships in the trophy case, Three-Six is certainly not one to sleep on. This will rounded competitor truly embodies what it takes to be on the Elite Sports squad. Known for his high-flying attributes, you can catch him doing big work, as long as you don't blink. Whether it be through a series of high profile flying submissions, or his top notch work with the air national guard, you'll always find this young thriller pushing the bar higher and higher. His elusive techniques and battle-tested chin make him one to look out for in 2017. And just like his nickname, he's a mystery that'll keep you guessing, and wanting more.